What To Pack For A Fall or Winter Vacation On The Alabama Gulf Coast

With a mild southern subtropical climate, Gulf Shores and Orange Beach offer great year-round weather.

Couple walks along Alabamas Beaches

The sun shines throughout fall and winter with temperatures ranging from 64 to 77 degrees in October; 55 to 69 degrees in November; and 48 to 62 degrees

in December. And there's often a variation between mild sunny days and chilly evenings.

It's a good idea to pack a few sweaters, jackets, long-sleeved shirts and slacks in addition to your shorts and short-sleeved tops. In October, the warm Gulf waters remain at a very comfortable 74 degrees so you should pack a bathing suit, too. Although the temperature is mild, the southern sun is still strong. Make sure you have plenty of sunscreen on hand to avoid a winter sunburn.

Of course, fall and winter offer the ideal weather for hiking, biking and fishing along the Alabama Gulf Coast. Pack a rain slicker for the occasional rainy day plus warm socks and sturdy hiking shoes for the trails. If you're the type who likes to sleep with a window open for fresh air, make sure you pack warm pajamas for those chilly nights. And if you realize you've forgotten to pack something you need, Gulf Shores and Orange Beach offer a number of stores and shopping centers convenient to your accommodations. For complete information about local stores or other travel tips, go to www.gulfshores.com.

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