2011 Battle of Mobile Bay

If Scarlett O'Hara had lived in Alabama instead of Georgia, it would have been the Battle of Mobile Bay that typified the Civil War instead of the burning of Atlanta. Rhett and Scarlett's passionate embrace would be set against the backdrop of a battle-weary,

ironclad ship, fighting to maintain the bay despite sustained damage and overwhelming odds.
The Battle of Mobile Bay in August of 1864 was marked with epic bravery on both sides of the war. Union Admiral Farragut navigated his fleet through a minefield to reach the bay. On the Confederate side, the ironclad CSS Tennessee stood alone to defend the bay. In the end, the battle completed the Union blockade and marked a significant turning point in the war.

Each year this battle is commemorated on its anniversary at Fort Morgan in Gulf Shores. The festivities begin at 8:00 am with a cannon salute and a complete retelling of the tale. The fort exhibits will be on display along with live demonstrations of blacksmithing. It is a great way for history to come alive for young and old alike.

Admission: Admission: $5 for adults, $4 seniors, $3 for children 18 -under, free 6-under. Family Pass: $12 for 2 adults/2 children. For more information call 251-540-5257 or visit http://www.ft-morgan.com

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