Beach Packing Tips

An Easy Check List for a No Stress Day

When you think of a vacation at the beach, does your mind automatically wander to fun in the sun or does it go to that dark place? You know the one: making checklists and packing suitcases?

two women walking on the beach in Orange Beach Al

We don't want your Gulf Coast vacation to be a chore, so we've compiled a list of beach must-haves when you head out to the sandy shores of Gulf Shores & Orange Beach.

1. Beach chairs. We recommend the backpack chairs that free up your hands. Many beachfront condos also offer chair and umbrella rentals for the day. Check with your rental management company to see if they are offered where you will be staying.

2. Cooler. Fill your cooler with plenty of bottled water and snacks. The sun can quickly drain your energy, so be sure to refuel often.

3. Baby Powder. Did you know that sprinkling baby powder on your feet and legs before you get in your car will easily remove sand? It's a great trick to keep the sand on the beach and out of your car.

4. Waterproof Sunscreen. Don't forget the sunscreen! Even if it's overcast or late afternoon, you can still get sunburned. We want you to take home seashells for souvenirs, not a sunburn.

5. Towels. Sure, it's a no-brainer, but you don't want to be caught without one when you're wet and need to get in your car.

father and son on a water slide Gulf Shores Orange Beach Al

6. Beach Umbrella or Tent. If you have young children, these are must-haves, but are often overlooked. They will appreciate a break from the sun if your agenda includes a mid-day sun session on the sand.

7. Beach radio. Nothing says ‘relax on the beach' like tunes by Jimmy Buffett or the Zac Brown Band.

 8. Now that you have all of the necessities, don't forget the fun stuff like sand toys and boogie boards!

If you forget something, there's no need to fret. All of these beach must-haves can be found at stores in Gulf Shores & Orange Beach, so relax, and start day dreaming of your upcoming trip to the Alabama Gulf Coast.


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