Family Spring Break Fishing on Alabama's Gulf Coast

In the last few years, the entire charter fleet at the Alabama Gulf Coast has made family fishing more affordable. Many charter captains are offering 3- and 4-hour trolling trips to introduce families to fishing. Youngsters have short attention spans

and often tire-out fairly quickly while reeling in king and Spanish mackerel close to shore. Short trips offer a fun and productive opportunity for a family to fish in the Gulf of Mexico and see what the waters off the beach have to offer.

Many captains at various marinas specialize in family fishing, and you can talk to the captains about the type of trip you want. Do you want to get up early, leave early and return at lunchtime, or do you prefer to sleep in and go on a later trip after lunch? Talk to the captain about the age of your children and the trip you want them to experience. All our charter boats on Alabama's Gulf Coast are family-friendly, and you can find the captain who will make your introduction to family fishing a memory of a lifetime during Spring Break.

If you don't have enough people in your family to charter a boat, you may want to consider fishing on a party boat where different groups of people fish together. At almost every marina, you'll find a party boat that can take you and your family on a fishing adventure of 4 to 6 hours. Be sure to bring suntan lotion, hats, plenty of cold drinks and snacks and possibly games or books for your children. I can promise you, when those fish start hitting the deck as they do every day during Spring Break, I've never seen a youngster who hasn't wanted to get out on the deck and either catch fish or watch the fish being caught.

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