Beach Flag Warning System Review

The Gulf waters are very inviting to most of our guests. Visitors are attracted to the white sand, the mild temperatures and the beautiful blue-green waters.

Yellow Beach Warning Flag

There are so many fun activities to do in the Gulf including boogie boarding, surfing, skim boarding and snorkeling. It’s important to note, however, that swimming in the Gulf is unlike swimming in a pool or even a lake. You should avoid swimming alone or in areas being used by fishermen or where diving sea birds are present. Remember that alcohol and swimming do not mix. Most of the time, beach accidents can be avoided if swimmers follow a few safety tips and take heed to the beach flag warning system.

Remember to check surf and weather conditions before entering the Gulf. This includes the beach flag warning system. The beach flag warning system is in place to easily communicate the current swimming conditions. You can find descriptions of each flag near the beach flag poles posted at all public beach areas in Gulf Shores and Orange Beach. Here is a breakdown of what each beach flag means:

Green – Green means go! The conditions are calm, but as always, exercise caution.
Yellow – Yellow means use caution. The surf and/or currents are moderate. Please be careful.
Purple – Purple means watch for dangerous marine life. This could be jelly fish, sting rays, or even sharks.
Red – Red means stop! There is a high hazard with high surf and/or currents. Do not go in.
Double Red – Double red means that the water is closed to the public. It should be noted that under Gulf Shores and Orange Beach city ordinances, it is illegal to enter the Gulf of Mexico within city limits while the double red flag is displayed.

Please remember to respect the power of the Gulf and know that these systems are in place for your safety and enjoyment. While swimming and playing in the water are a lot of fun, please remember to exercise caution.

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