Tips to Creating a Successful Incentive Program

We've all heard the saying “We can't direct the wind, but we can adjust the sails.” This little grain of wisdom is true in many endeavors, and motivating members to register for your events often falls within this category. If your meeting or convention

attendance is waning, consider adjusting your sails with an incentive program for potential attendees.
To develop a successful campaign, start with your audience. Ask for their feedback to discover what types of rewards most appeal to them. An incentive program is only as strong as the desire for those dangled carrots. If your goal is to encourage pre-registration, here are a few fun rewards that may appeal to your group when attending a Gulf Shores or Orange Beach meeting.

Gift Cards. For those meeting the pre-registration deadline, include a small gift card to a Gulf Shores restaurant in their welcome packet. The gift card may be just enough to cover the cost of an appetizer or a cocktail, but it could offer the perfect escape after a long day of meetings. The same is true of Orange Beach attraction gift cards, especially if your attendee plans to turn their beach meeting into a family vacation once the event is over. In addition, you could offer attendees the choice between a restaurant or attraction gift card or even a Visa or American Express gift card.

Speaker Reception Invitation. Networking is one of the number one reasons people attend destination meetings and conventions. Consider offering an invitation to a speaker's reception to the first 15 people who pre-register. This will create a sense of urgency in the booking process, and will provide a sought-after opportunity for networking.
Additional Event Activities. Like a speaker's reception, you can reward pre-registering attendees with a special event to experience an area attraction. Invite the first 25 who register on a sunset sail after a day of sessions or similar group activities.

Pre-registration is an important part of planning your meeting. It allows you to make more effective and informed decisions in your meeting planning. If you have ideas on how to increase pre-registration numbers, be sure to share them in the comment section below.

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