Industry News: How Planners are Using Pinterest to Market Their Event

According to Venture Beat, as of September 2015 there were 100 million users on Pinterest, a social media network centered around visual and inspirational marketing that allows users to create virtual pinboards based on their interests.

In addition, by the end of 2015, it's estimated there will be 47 million Pinterest users in the U.S.

This growing network offers meeting planners a visual marketing tool to garner interest in their events. Wondering how you can tap into this resource to market your next meeting or event? Consider the following tips and ideas to get you started.

blocks of letters spelling out Pinterest

Promote Your Event 

Pinterest is a great way to build excitement and hype around your event. Build Pinterest boards around the following:

  1. Speaker Board. This pinboard includes biographical information and even blogs your event speakers have written or news articles they’ve been featured in.
  2. Event Destination Board. Include attractions, hotels, restaurants, after-hours group activities and team-building activities.
  3. Previous Event Board. Create a pinboard to showcase your previous event or meeting.

Sell Your Brand

Showcase your brand or organization via one of your boards. This includes pinning blogs by your organization, as well as other blogs and articles written about your brand. This is a great place to pin philanthropic contributions to show your civic involvement.

Include your Pinterest handle in your marketing materials, including email newsletters and registration confirmations, to generate excitement among attendees for your next event.

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