Eight Places to Snap a Selfie in Gulf Shores, Orange Beach

Commemorate Your Vacation to the Alabama Gulf Coast in Selfie Form.

Share your selfies – or even “usies” – with us on our Facebook and Twitter and tag us on Instagram. These eight selfie spots can get you started.

Make It a Scavenger Hunt and Snap Away!

1.  Gulf State Park pier. With clear blue skies behind you, snap away. Didn’t fish the pier? Borrow a fish from an angler and take a kissy-fish

2.  Souvenir City shark. This iconic photo op has been the backdrop for fun pictures for decades. A trip to Gulf Shores isn’t complete without snapping a few photos in the shark’s mouth.

3.  Dolphin cruise. If you time your click just right, maybe one of our underwater friends will photobomb your selfie.

4.  Historic Fort Morgan. Get up close and personal with one of the fort’s cannons for a history-themed selfie.

5.  Alabama Gulf Coast Zoo. There aren’t many selfies that are more fun than an animal “usie” at the zoo. With the Animal Encounters opportunities, you can get up close and personal with a lemur or even a baby kangaroo.

6.  The Wharf Ferris wheel. Give your friends a bird’s eye view of Orange Beach with a selfie taken atop the Ferris wheel at The Wharf.

7.  Your balcony. You know this will probably be the first selfie you take once you arrive at your condo. It’s your “I’m here” selfie!

8.  Beach “toesie.” This is another must-take selfie, only it’s your official toes-in-the-sand photo.

Best Selfie Spots in Gulf Shores and Orange Beach AL


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