Take a Look at How Golf is Evolving

Gulf Shores & Orange Beach

GolfBoards are the newest innovation in golf, changing the way golfers experience the game. These boards are powered by environmentally friendly lithium-ion batteries and are simple and fun to ride.


The GolfBoard sensation is similar to surfing, snowboarding or skateboarding, and is very popular with the upcoming millennial golfers. One big reason it is so popular is that it changes the golfing experience without changing the tradition of the game. Another big reason is that it improves the pace of play dramatically, making it possible to play 36 holes in five hours.

Grow the game activities 

In addition to traditional golf rounds, Gulf Coast courses are starting to toy around with other unique grow-the-game activities to grab the millennial golfers who may not have the time or funding for the traditional 18-hole round of golf.


Among these activities are footgolf (available at GlenLakes and Craft Farms), in which large soccer balls are kicked into oversized golf holes, and paintball golf, in which shots are fired at a golf course vision board and points are earned for pars hit on the course. There are also more courses along the Gulf Coast using flop walls (available at Peninsula Golf & Racquet Club), in which a large 8- to 10-foot wall is installed on the range and golfers must chip the ball over the wall to make the golf hole on the other side. This improves their chipping game.

Short courses for time-deprived 

For those short on time, some courses are encouraging golfers to play short courses or 9 holes. Peninsula Golf and Racquet Club has three 9-hole courses, so there are plenty of options there! Every course on the Gulf Coast allows 9-hole play, and they meet the USGA handicap requirements.

Destination golf packages, not just golf course packages

Beaches of Gulf Shores and Orange Beach, Alabama

Golfers aren’t just looking for good golf courses to play. They are now looking for a golf vacation that incorporates dining, entertainment and overall atmosphere into their vacation requirements. That is one of the reasons golfers keep coming back to the Alabama Gulf Coast. We have been named to multiple lists throughout the years for top travel destinations, and golf just plays a small part in that decision. What convinces golfers to keep coming back is certainly the area’s great courses, but also the 32 miles of white-sand beaches, multiple restaurant options, luxury accommodations, entertainment, fishing and watersports, and nightlife!

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