Choose a Unique Event Venue

GSOBT Meetings 1-30 pavillionYour event is more than someone standing on a stage delivering a speech, so your event venue should be more, as well. A unique space that'll keep people energized, entertained and engaged is a major part of the entire experience. Today's attendees want something they haven't seen or experienced before. Selecting a unique space is the first step to delivering an unforgettable destination meeting. Sometimes, it means choosing a venue that wasn't designed specifically for an event. Consider the type of event you're holding and your audience. While it may be unrealistic to hold your entire event in an unconventional location, you may decide to hold a breakout session or one segment of your meeting at a different venue than your main meeting. Locations such as the Gulf State Park pavilion are great for fall and early spring. Mild temperatures, fresh air and picturesque surroundings can invigorate and inspire. You could choose to hold a post-meeting reception or an early-morning breakfast session followed by a wellness activity like a beach crawl. If your meeting is small, consider a private setting like a large beach house or a Gulf-front penthouse. Surround your attendees with panoramic views and comfortable surroundings. Sometimes the most suitable seat for a productive retreat is a comfortable couch or a balcony lounger with laptop in hand. While banquet meals or buffets are mainstays of the meetings industry, consider adding an offsite meal for a change of scenery. A beachside restaurant with private dining space may be the perfect spot for a post-meeting meal. Whether you select an unconventional meeting space or simply an offsite meal or activity, your goal is to create a valuable and memorable experience. The sales team at Gulf Shores & Orange Beach Tourism can assist in your planning needs to ensure that happens.


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