Reasons to Book Direct with Local Businesses: Hospitality and Money Savings

As the saying goes, “There are no strangers, just friends we haven’t met yet,” we welcome our friends, new and old, back to Alabama’s beaches each year.

Stepping onto the cool, white sand and hearing the waves splash onto the shoreline is like a homecoming for many. It’s like visiting a long-lost friend. You know exactly where you left off, and it’s easy to pick right back up again like nothing ever changed.

Gulf Shores and Orange Beach is a place you feel at home in. While the feeling may begin with the sights and sounds, it extends to the people, too. It’s not uncommon to be treated like old friends when you meet locals at restaurants and attractions. Whether you’re pulling up a chair at the mom-and-pop owned craft brewery or embarking on a new adventure at the beach, be prepared to strike up a conversation to hear about a local’s favorite spots. You may even be treated to some insider secrets, too!

Travel writer Sara Broers of Travels with Sara visits dozens of destinations each year, and says the southern hospitality she feels when she makes Gulf Shores and Orange Beach her home-away-from-home is one thing that keeps her coming back. “As a frequent visitor to Gulf Shores, I am always surprised that employees remember me from past visits. The warm welcome that they offered made it seem like I had never left. 

Tammilee Tillison of Tammilee’s Tips has had a similar experience on Alabama’s beaches. “One of the things I love about Gulf Shores and Orange Beach is how welcoming everyone is. From the clerk at the grocery store telling you their favorite places to eat to the housekeeper at the condo giving you tips on things to do in the area. We found so many fun places based off of the recommendations of locals and other visitors. Everyone we talked with was friendly and so excited to share their favorite places in Orange Beach and Gulf Shores.”

The hospitality on Alabama’s beaches begins when you first decide to make memories in Gulf Shores and Orange Beach. When you call to reserve your home-away-from-home, you’re talking to locals who are knowledgeable about the area and dedicated to providing excellent customer service throughout your visit. They live and work here, and booking direct allows them to treat you like the old friend you will soon become after you experience the hospitality that is Alabama’s beaches and people. Many times, booking your accommodations and attractions direct also saves you money on additional fees. When you go directly to a vacation rental management company’s website or call them, you can ask about specials and save on booking fees. In addition, it allows employees and management the ability to quickly address any problems that may arise, particularly with vacation rentals.

We know your vacation begins long before you arrive. Experience the locals’ difference with genuine Southern hospitality that begins the moment you pick up the phone to plan your vacation.

Reasons to Book Direct with Local Businesses of Gulf Shores and Orange Beach, AL


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