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Drive-To Meetings and Events. Have You Tried Them?

Meeting planners are facing new challenges every day when it comes to arranging all the details.

Many people are not traveling far from their homes, which forces meeting planners to think outside the box when it comes to planning bigger events. Drive-to meetings are on the top of most planner's lists in today’s world. They can boost a local economy and allow planners to focus on their community rather than a far-off destination. 

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How do you market a drive-to meeting?

Think local and regional when marketing your event. Target attendees based on distance from your destination by geo-targeting your ads. Focus on their needs when it comes to travel time; a shorter travel time usually means a shorter stay. Reach out to local hotels, restaurants and businesses to see if they can partner with you when planning the event. 

By working with local businesses you may be able to offer your attendees discounted rates, fun activities and more during their drive-to meeting time. Since they won’t be spending as much money on plane tickets, they may be inclined to dine and shop more while in your area. 

Social media is a great tool to take advantage of when promoting your meeting. Partner with local businesses and give each other shout-outs regarding your event and the fun things that particular business has to offer your attendees during their mini workcation. A day trip can be just as fun as a weeklong vacation, so make the best of their time. Offer an itinerary or map of dining and attractions within walking distance. 

Think Local

When planning your drive-to meeting, think local. Reach out to members of your community who may wish to partner with you for mutually beneficial marketing. Think of your home town as a destination others will want to explore. Make this WORKation a fun and exciting STAYcation for your attendees.

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