Up Your LinkedIn Game in 2019

Make 2020 the year you take your professional online presence to the next level. An easy place to start is with your LinkedIn profile.

Linked In

First, upload a professional photo. Profiles with a photo get 40 percent more in-mail response. But don’t make it a casual family photo. Think of what you’d have on a business card, and choose the photo wisely.

Make a descriptive headline that captures what you do. Then tell your story with a summary of work experience. The summary section on LinkedIn is the place to showcase your achievements and professional goals. Include your location, industry and education background. (But you might want to leave off your graduation year.)

Get recommendations for your skill set from people who know the quality of your work.

Share updates often. People who share 2-5 times a day see an increase in profile views and engagement.


Social Networking

Are you taking advantage of LinkedIn groups? You definitely should. Groups are a valuable resource for career networking and professional branding. Unfortunately, most people on LinkedIn don’t take advantage of this.

Join a group related to your industry, your specific job and your location. Join a few and get in on the discussions to see what’s happening. Then weed out the ones that are full of spammers, stagnant or just not helpful. Stay with those that create conversation, add value or insight, and allow you to share your expertise.

Then take a bold step and jump into the discussion. Once you’re engaged, it’s much easier to approach someone who is in your group, whether as a resource, potential customer or career step. As members of a shared group, you automatically have an “in.”

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