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Sure, we could spend all day talking about our world-class courses, wonderful accommodations, easy quote process and top-notch southern hospitality, but it's always better to just focus on doing our job and let others do the talking for us.

The following are comments we've received from guests about their golf trips and quotes from golf writers after their visit to the area.


We know you need your rest after a great day of golf and our accommodations offer a wide range of options.

"Our group stayed in a beautiful eight bedroom, eight bathroom beach house right overlooking the Gulf of Mexico which offered a spectacular setting. Since we couldn't golf 24 hours a day, we found time to experience some of the local restaurants and regional cuisine, which is big on fresh seafood."
Scott A. Sumner - Golfing News / - August 2009


"We stayed recently at Turquoise Place and it was beyond compare."
Ken Macleod - Golf Oklahoma / - August-September 2011


"The Kiva (Dunes) condos offer all the comforts of home — and make for a pretty excellent way for four friends to spend a long golf weekend."
Don Shell, The Midwest Golf Blog - / - January 19, 2012


"We stayed in a fully-equipped condo at the Turquoise Place, an amazing Spectrum Resorts property right on the Gulf of Mexico. Magnificent views of the beach and a hot tub right on your balcony! How good is that?"
Traveling Golfer - / - December 2011


Overall Experience

More than a smiling face, we're here to welcome you and help make your golf vacation a success.

"It’s one of the sunniest and warmest spots in the continental U.S. (average winter temperature 60 degree Fahrenheit), and for golfers, it’s a must stop to stay-and-play."
Rick Drennan/ - September 20, 2012


"This place has everything. Expansive fairways, tight landing areas, Bermuda grass, bent grass, traditional golf, wetlands, long holes, short holes... you get the picture."
Roy Lang III/ - May 31, 2012


"Gulf Shores, though, stands on its own as a golf destination. In addition to the courses and spectacular beaches, the area also offers such entertainment options as deep sea fishing, kayaking, surfboarding, cycling, water sports, hot-air balloon rides, horseback riding, family fun parks and cruises."
Len Ziehm on Golf/ - March 9, 2012


"And the quality of golf once you get there will have you thinking one big thought: I’ve gotta get back here. Soon. Maybe this spring but definitely by summer. Or … whenever."
Vic Williams, Fairways = Greens/ - April 2, 2012


"Gulf Shores Alabama is a 32-mile stretch of Gulf Coast beach that has mild winter temperatures, great golf, great food, nice places to stay and plenty to do when off the course."
Golfers on Golf/ - January 17, 2012


"The arrival of winter doesn’t mean golfers in northern climates must stow their equipment until spring. In fact, golfers are encouraged to escape Nor’easters and lake-effect snow with a vacation to Gulf Shores, Alabama, a 32-mile stretch of Gulf Coast beach that offers mild off-season temperatures."
Fairways + Greens/ - January 16, 2012


"There’s a nice mix of long and short holes, and for the most part you have to hit it pretty far off line to find bona fide trouble. But it does make you hit shots." (about Kiva Dunes)
Mike Kern - Golf Pennsylvania - Golf Northeast - September 2011


"Certainly, it ranks among the most affordable, friendliest and flat-out fun ways to while away some otherwise chilly wintertime days at the southern edge of the United States."
Vic Williams - Fairways + Greens / - November/December 2011


"The golf courses are pristine, the beaches are inviting, and the cuisine is unique and mouth-watering."
Jim Grosjean - Golfer's Tee Times - October 2010


"Playing conditions along the Gulf compare favorably to those at other Southern golf destinations, and the variety of golf-course terrain will surprise players used to the ironing-board flatness of Florida."
Dan Vukelich - Chicago Sun-Times / - October 2009


"Great golf, beaches, value for your dollar and, of course, the famous southern hospitality is what you will experience firsthand!"
Scott A. Sumner - Golfing News / - August 2009


"Texans headed east for golf vacations will find the Gulf Coast of Alabama to be a tempting - and easily accessible - alternative to more traditional destinations such as Myrtle Beach and Hilton Head. {Nine} top-notch courses are complemented by miles of sandy while beaches, family friendly activities and all sorts of well-priced accommodations."
Jay Tonto - Texas Golfer - February/March 2010


"Gulf Shores' only deficiency is in the number of courses it has to offer. But what it lacks in inventory, it makes up for with value and quality." Brendan McEvoy - Avid Golfer Arizona / - October 2009


"We've done our share of buddy trips, and this is a favorite destination: Alabama's Gulf Coast. First, there's the pleasant discovery that Alabama has a Gulf coast (we've forgotten our geography). Second, this 32-mile coast is second to none, with sugar-white sand, great fishing, fun eating, live music--and sensibly-priced golf."
Golf Partners Club Partner Advice newsletter - January 2011


"Gulf Shores, Alabama has something to offer everyone! Beyond the beaches, seafood and good people; the area has some of the best golf in the country! With nine courses to choose from you will be in golf heaven!"
Golfin' Around - Spring 2011


"Come to Gulf Shores to play golf, and you'll find one of the best bargains in the country. This area of Alabama offers quality resort golf for less than half the price of some other parts of the country."
Mike Bailey - - June 2010


"Best hangout bar in a golf destination: The Hangout in Gulf Shores, Ala. This mammoth indoor-outdoor extravaganza has it all … ping pong tables, a movie-screen sized TV, tiki torches, even a sand hill for children to play on."
Jason Scott Deegan - Travel Golf, powered by Golf Channel - December 30, 2010


"If you want to sun on the beach or near one and would like a more laid back golf vacation without all the all-you-can-hold down buffets, busy roads, long drives and lost tourists then the southern region of Alabama is definitely right for you. Their mild climate ensures that you can golf all year round and you’ll remember their genuine southern hospitality for years to come."
Traveling Golfer - - December 2011

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