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Family reunions and group travel are an excellent way to celebrate important milestones. However, planning a group vacation takes time, energy and resources. But when done right, it can be a memorable and special experience for everyone involved. One of the first decisions that coordinators face is location. A beach reunion in Gulf Shores or Orange Beach sets an idyllic scene year-round that also provides everything you need to make it successful.

Group Vacations & Venue Booking

A family reunion or group travel can take on many different forms. If you travel as a family, it may be for multiple days. If you’re a class or military reunion, you may only need a day. Regardless of your timeline, deciding your venue(s) ahead of time and coordinating the bookings is the first step in creating your itinerary. Some excellent venue and activity ideas include:

  • Beach facilities – If your vacation crew wants to experience a classic beach setting and activities, then booking beach facilities is the way to go. Many state parks and beaches in Gulf Shores and Orange Beach have websites where you can reserve picnic areas and facilities. Look into what’s available. It’s helpful to have restrooms, parking and eating areas. When you send your invitation, you can let people know what they’ll have and what they need to bring. If parking has a cost, look into group rates or arrange a convenient shuttle service.
  • Tours, activities, or cruises – Another great way to spend time with your reunion group is on one of the many tours or cruises available in the Gulf Shores area. You’ll find everything from sunset dinner cruises to group tours at one of the local nature preserves.
  • Nature - Alabama's Gulf Coast is a prime location for hiking. Check out our many parks to find the best nature trail for your family or group.
Whether you’re looking for a restaurant, attraction, tour or beach spot, begin by looking at the availability of local venues and how to reserve them.

What to Eat at Your Gulf Shores Reunion Event

Gulf Shores and Orange Beach have several eating options for group travel. Caterers and restaurants that serve large groups are both available. You’ll also find several boat cruises that provide food during a group vacation excursion.

One thing to consider is how some restaurants also cater. Another dining option is to reserve a beach area with cooking facilities so you can make your own meal.

Keeping Your Group Entertained in Gulf Shores

There are endless ways to keep your group entertained on Alabama’s Gulf Coast. Reunions often are about being together, but you are also able to design an itinerary that allows people to choose what activities they are interested in. Some sample trip itineraries include:

  • Beach walks or play – Take advantage of the long stretches of the Gulf's sugar-white sand and gorgeous blue-green water. Schedule a morning walk for your reunion with a meeting point. People can snap stunning photos, walk, talk, play, swim and explore.
  • Rental options – Maybe your group is interested in kayaking or biking. There are several rental businesses in the Gulf Shores & Orange Beach area. Check into group rates and availability. You even have the option of renting your own boat if you have a captain available. If not, a chartered boat is always an option.
  • Tours – Explore different adventures available to reunion groups. Call historical state parks and ask about guided tours, or sign up for a dolphin boat tour. There are many unique and fun options.
  • Attractions – Whether your group wants to play 18 holes at one of the incredible golf courses in the area or visit the zoo or water-park together, many of the local attractions can accommodate a larger number of people and will even offer special rates.

Gulf Shores and Orange Beach Group Travel and Accommodations

Alabama's Gulf Coast offers a variety of accommodations. Depending on the size of your group, you’ll want to decide whether you will book the full group or simply give people a list of choices and let them select their own lodging. The area has:

  • Hotels, resorts and condos – There are over 15,000 rooms to choose from.
  • Vacation homes & beach houses – A way to stay in the same space while still getting the privacy of your own room and cooking facilities.
  • Bed and Breakfasts – B&Bs are great for smaller groups that want a special touch.
  • Campgrounds – Gulf Shores and Orange Beach have several campgrounds available. Call or look at the website to find out how many sites are available and the process for booking groups.

Make Gulf Shores Your Next Reunion Destination

Gulf Shores and Orange Beach can make your next reunion successful. Research the area, browse our Gulf Coast vacation packages and work on your itinerary to design an ideal getaway for your family or group reunion today.
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