Gulf Shores & Orange Beach

Gulf Shores Welcome Center

5 Reasons Art and Design Enthusiasts Visit the Gulf Shores Welcome Center

Iconic. Visionary. Stunning. With exterior finishes mimicking the area’s powdery soft white sand and warm turquoise waters, the recently opened Gulf Shores Welcome Center proudly stands as an inviting gateway to the Alabama Gulf Coast. Precise design and accent selections produced an inviting 5,400-square-foot facility highlighted with the five following custom pieces:

A three-member dolphin family emerges from the blue depths to greet families entering the welcome center. Frank Ledbetter created this metal sculpture as the finishing crown to an exterior fountain highlighted by water cascading over blue pebbles.  
The permanent installation of a 4-foot sea turtle greets guests inside the center and features artist Tommy Vogel’s design reinforcing awareness of these graceful sea creatures. The turtle is a part of the public art project Turtle Tracks.  
Beach images evoking serenity have long filled our annual vacation guides. These inviting former covers fill multiple walls in large scale prints that make guests feel like they can step onto the white sand. 
A soaring 20-foot rotunda encircled by a mixture of floor-to-ceiling windows and rare pecky cypress wood paneling provides an entry to an architectural masterpiece. 
More than 30 handmade blown glass discs provide texture to a statement wall within this rotunda and form a blue-green wave similar to the Gulf waves found along the Alabama Gulf Coast. As the newest element to grace the center, this custom piece was produced by glass artists Kerry Parks and Dan Rush at the Hot Spot located at the Coastal Arts Center in Orange Beach. 

Truly admire these custom pieces in person with a visit to the Gulf Shores Welcome Center. Both Gulf Shores and Orange Beach Welcome Centers are open daily from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

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