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3 Tips For Healthy Eating at Sporting Events

Fun facts and tips about eating healthy on the go - from parents just like you!

We all know grabbing a kiddie meal at the nearby fast food joint is an easy alternative for eating when you are in the heat of a tournament. A candy bar here and there for a quick refuel may seem like the easiest route to feeding those hungry and active kids, but is that the healthiest option for them? You want them to be fueled so they can play their best, but what are you choosing to fill them up with? Below are some easy healthy-but-delicious options for eating healthy while at your sporting event.

3 Tips to Stay Healthy at Sporting Events


Yes, we know what you’re thinking: “I already have a suburban-size inventory of things to bring, so please don’t add anything else!” It may seem like a lot to ask, but since you’re most likely going to be packing a cooler for the field anyway, just add a second cooler full of nutritious goodies. It can be easy snacks such as oranges, carrot sticks, apples and cheese. Bonus points if you unpackage the items and stick them in containers for quick grabbing.


Pack easy-to-go snacks filled with protein to power your active player. Peanut butter or almond butter mixed with a low-sugar jelly make the perfect sandwiches that are quick to assemble. If you have nut allergy concerns, roll turkey and cheese together, then slice into pieces for bite-size ease. Add pretzels instead of greasy chips, and top it off with cold water to drink.


We all love a good kebab, so why not provide this fun-to-eat option for your players? Grab their favorite fruits such as grapes, oranges or watermelon slices and stick them on a kid-size skewer (aka toothpick), and there you have it: a healthy snack. Mix it up with meat slices and cheese cubes for a hearty meal. Are you afraid preparation will take too much time? Join forces with your favorite travel parent(s) to make the snacks the night before for the whole team. They will be a guaranteed hit! (Some assembly required.)

A great place to stock up on these essential items for healthy snacks is Rouses Market. Find fresh fruit, veggies and meat in their deli area. Now it’s time to take these healthy tips and tricks to the field for a game-winning refueling station for the team! Go, YOU!


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