Teens on Alabama's beaches

What to Pack for Your Sportcation?

We are taking the stress out of packing by giving you an easy checklist of things you will need for your sportcation on the Alabama Gulf Coast. 

Packing for yourself, let alone an entire family, can be hard. We understand. That’s why we’ve compiled a simple checklist of things you will need for your family sportcation. But if you do forget something, no worries - we have you covered. Find links below of where to shop if something gets left at home. 

5 Things To Pack for Your Upcoming Sportcation to Gulf Shores & Orange Beach

Pack sunscreen for Alabama's beaches


Number one on your list should be all things sun protection. The Alabama sun doesn’t play around, so spending all day on the field followed by more fun in the sun at the beach can lead to a nasty sunburn. Find an eco-friendly sunscreen and pack enough to be applied up to every two hours for the entire family. Forgot the sunscreen? Shop here: Rouses Market.

Young boy on Alabama's beaches


Don’t just protect your skin! Your eyes need UV protection as well. Pack a pair for everyone in your family along with hats for additional shade on your face. Lose or break a pair of sunglasses? Shop here: Tanger Outlet Center

Alabama beach bag

Beach Bag

Grab a beach bag big enough to hold beach towels, sunscreen, hats and more. A great beach tote also doubles as the go-to bag to bring to the fields. Pack it with snacks and anything else you may need for a long day spent outdoors. Didn’t bring a beach bag? Shop here: Academy Sports + Outdoors

Bathroom at Perdido Beach Resort in Orange Beach, AL

Toilet Paper

We know, you’re sick of hearing about toilet paper. We are, too, but we aren’t playing around with this one. Most rentals offer a starter packet of toiletries for their guests. However, odds are there will not be enough toilet paper to get you through a week. Several rolls in your bag should do! Run out of toilet paper, tissues, napkins or paper towels? Shop here: Rouses Market

The Wharf in Orange Beach, AL

Bathing Suits

You can’t forget your swimsuit - you are headed to the BEACH! But we know it does happen. Grab your suit now and put it in your suitcase. And get excited because your sportcation is about to be a huge WIN for you and your family! Forgot the bathing suits? Shop here: The Wharf in Orange Beach

It’s time to get packing and hit the road to enjoy the Alabama Gulf Coast! 

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