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The Best Social Media Tips for Meeting Planners

Social media is a great way for event planners to promote their events or meetings. Check out our tips on how to choose the right social network for you!

When planning a corporate trip or meeting, visuals play a key role in engaging your audience and helping them make the commitment to attend.

Social media networks are a great tool for event planners because they emphasize attention-grabbing photographs that can help attendees visualize destinations and get them excited for their visit. When you combine those with our Meeting Planner Marketing Toolkit you can create a powerful social media campaign.

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Facebook & Instagram

To choose the best social networks to promote your gathering, you must consider your target audience first. Facebook and Instagram are great social tools to get potential attendees talking about and sharing about your meeting. The use of eye-catching graphics and high-quality images of the destination make your meeting visually appealing. Links to activities and community guides will pique their interest and enthusiasm. We also recommend that you use 1-5 hashtags on your post to expand your reach and attract more attendees.

When posting graphics to Facebook and Instagram, schedule them for the best times and days of the week. Look through your Facebook analytics to determine when your audience is most likely to be active. Typically, people engage more with posts early in the morning and after work hours. Schedule light, fun facts on Fridays and weekends when people are proven to be in a better mood. When your audience is happy, they are more likely to share your posts and interact with you. Keep your captions short, sweet and attention-grabbing. 


TikTok videos made of short clips of the surrounding area and activities that will take place are guaranteed to engage your younger audience. Many businesses utilize TikTok and Instagram reels to appeal to young professionals and keep track of today’s trends.  

Linkedin & Twitter

If you are trying to team up with other companies or potential clients, LinkedIn and Twitter are the best platforms to network on. But consider how long you want your message to circulate - studies have shown that the information will last longer on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Twitter has a large reach, but trending tweets tend to fade after a few days. Utilize Linkedin Groups for business events to help you successfully network with a large number of like-minded individuals.

Gulf Shores & Orange Beach Tourism offers useful tools to help you successfully market your business trips and meetings. We can’t wait to welcome you to coastal Alabama! 

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