Softball tournament in Gulf Shores, AL

Five Fun Ways to Engage Your Beach Tournament Crowd

Take a look around. Everywhere you look, someone is holding a smartphone.

So how can you use technology to engage your beach tournament crowd? Learn popular social media tools that will allow your spectators the opportunity to market your event for you while engaging with athletes and other fans.

Social Media on Sports Tournaments

Use Hashtags

Create a hashtag for your event. Can you hear us in the back? CREATE A HASHTAG FOR YOUR EVENT! Having a custom hashtag allows your participants to upload their personal images on social media pages. When they use the hashtag in their post, it will automatically combine their images with others marked with the same hashtag, making it easy to search and scroll. Choose a simple, easy-to-remember hashtag. Include the year at the beginning or end, enabling fans to search a particular year’s photos they want to see. Example: #NameOfYourEventYEAR.

Leverage Instagram for Timely Stories, Photos, and Videos

Instagram offers endless marketing opportunities via hashtags and stories. Stories allow users to play their photos and videos like a slideshow instead of displaying single images. Users can go live directly on their Instagram account and add event stories to be viewed forever. The use of Boomerangs - short videos that play forward and backward - can add a fun feature to your posts. They are amusing and make attention-grabbing videos, especially during fast-paced sporting events. You can use your hashtag and fun GIFs to write messages on your Instagram Stories, as well.

Optimizing Your Facebook: Create an Event Page & Share Stories and More!

Facebook is great for making a go-to event page that will inform your participants about your event. As soon as a fan responds “going” to your event page, they will be notified every time you post, update or make any changes to your event page. This allows everyone to stay in the know regarding important information and fun things happening for the event. 

Facebook Stories can be used with the in-app camera while using overlay filters and lenses on your favorite photos and videos. It’s similar to the Instagram Stories, allowing users to send temporary pictures and short videos to friends. Simply tap the camera icon or swipe right once the Facebook app is open. The camera features include frames and interactive filters you can apply to photos and videos in real time. The style effects of the in-app camera are fun ways to engage your tournament crowd.

Social Media Scavenger Hunt

Find Influencers To Help Promote Your Event

The athletes are the stars of the show and their fans are interested in what they have to say. Ask an influencer athlete or team to do an Instagram takeover, which is a great way to collaborate and create a partnership that is mutually beneficial. With a takeover, athletes bring value to your followers while reaching a new audience with their own content. Athletes can create posts, post in Instagram Stories and go live, all great ways to involve event guests. But wait – be sure to check the team’s policy on athlete participation on social media first.

Interact With Your Audience on Twitter

Engage your beach tournament crowd by doing a user scavenger hunt on Instagram or Twitter. Keep the rules simple and award fun prizes such as restaurant or attraction gift cards. Consider featuring winners on social media and your event page.

Create a passionate fan base on social media and stay connected with them using these fun ways to engage your beach tournament crowd. Plus, the user-generated content you’ll compile will live on for promoting your event for years to come.

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