SEC Women's Soccer Championship crowd

You May Be a Sports Mom If…

You are the pinnacle of cool. The boss of the carpool. You are nothing less than amazing. 

You are a SPORTS MOM, and don’t let anyone tell you differently.

You look at the calendar on your phone and realize it's FriYAY! For anyone else, this means it’s time to kick back, relax and enjoy the peaceful tranquility of a silent home. 

However, YOU ARE A SPORTS MOM. Friday means it’s almost GAME TIME! Yes, you are the MVP when it comes to the home, so we are highlighting some of your stats below.

Weighing in at . . . Never mind, forgive us. We’ll skip that part. 

A Sports Mom of the Year has distinctive winning attributes, including: 

1. NEVER leaves a man behind. Whether that’s her own son or Pete, the team mascot. A team is a team and you know it. Enjoy discounted rates when you book with our participating sporting accommodations and have enough room for everyone to come along for the event! 

2. NEVER forgets the water cooler. Hydration is key and you are on it! Pro Tip: If you need a little extra water fun, enjoy a day at Waterville USA, a 20-acre water park filled with fun things for the entire family. 

3. NEVER forgets the sunblock. Come on, that’s Mom Rule #1. If you run out Rouses Market has you covered for all the essentials. 

4. MAY possibly forget to charge her phone before an all-day tournament. Hey, we all make mistakes. 

5. NEVER lets her kid see her worry when their team falls behind in the game. 

6. ALWAYS roots for every player and knows them all by name. You even know the younger siblings and how to keep them entertained 

7. ALWAYS finding ways to keep your children entertained when your tournament goes hours past the original ending time. 

8. ALWAYS has snacks stashed in her purse, SUV or coat pocket and the team knows it. When you run out, try our on-the-go-dining and have food ready for pick up so you can get back to the game and never miss a moment of the day. 

And the biggest attribute: 

9. NEVER misses a game. EVER. You are their number-one fan and they know it. 

So, we salute you, Sports Mom. You are a team player, the fan of fans and, most importantly, number one in our hearts. 

Thanks for always being there to support your team! 

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