Time to Talk Budget and Beach: Yes, They CAN Mix

If you’re on a budget but still need some “vitamin sea” in your life, check out these budget-saving ideas for your next Gulf Shores and Orange Beach vacation.

Let’s name some things that go together:
Chocolate chips and cookies.
Tacos and margaritas.
Summer and sandy toes.
Beach vacations and budget talks.

Yes, you read the last one right.

Beach vacations and budget talks can mix! In fact, they actually make a great pairing. Take it from me, sitting at the beach feels so much better when you know you’re saving money!

1.) Flock to the beach when no one else does.
Book your accommodations during the off season for the best deals. Is there a beachfront condo you’ve been watching? You know, the one with a perfect view of the sunset each night. Is it too expensive this summer? Have you looked at the rates in late spring? What about September through November? With off-season rates, the perfect beach condo can suddenly be well within reach!

2.) Sometimes, you shouldn’t focus on the lowest rates.
It helps to look at the vacation budget as a whole. A condo that’s a little more expensive may have a wealth of activities that are included in the price! Activities and amenities like kids clubs, playgrounds, continental breakfast, BBQ grills, and beach chair service add value to your trip. If there is a lot to do at your beach condo, you may end up staying onsite for a larger portion of your trip to enjoy the amenities and activities, saving you money in the long run.

3.) Bring your pet!
Pet-sitting fees, whether a personal pet-sitter or a boarding facility, can be expensive! Check out the rates for condos that allow pets. Do they require a pet fee? Compare the savings between leaving Fido at home or bringing him! There are numerous pet-friendly attractions where Fido is welcome.

4.) Scavenge for deals.
Most of the time, the best deals go to the persistent traveler. You may have to explore condo websites, sign up for email newsletters, and follow attractions on Instagram and Facebook to catch an early glimpse of special pricing. Gulf Shores and Orange Beach keeps a handy listing of money-saving deals throughout the year.

Here are even more tips on how to afford a beach vacation. Don’t give up when you can’t locate the deals right away . . . scavenge like a savage! And remember with a little planning, beach vacations don’t have to be too expensive!

Budget and Beach Can Mix


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