Woman running on Alabama's white sand beaches

Easy Beach Workout

There is no need to compromise your health goals while on vacation.

But we realize most people don’t want to lug around their workout equipment, especially while on a beach vacation. We’ve got the perfect fix to help you meet your fitness goals while not imposing on your relaxing vacation. Only a beach towel required!

Beach Fitness on Alabama's Beaches

Sand Sprints

Warm up by running a few laps in the sand. When you're ready, mark off a distance by using two landmarks or by drawing a line in the sand. Sprint from one to the next; aim to have each sprint last 12-30 seconds, with a ten-second rest between each. The resistance from the sand makes these more strenuous than regular sprints, so don’t overdo it - you'll feel them quickly.

Lunge Stepover

Starting with both feet together, take a large step forward with one foot (about the width of your beach towel). Lunge down until your back knee just touches the sand. Push off with your back leg and step over the towel. Step back with the opposite leg into a lunge. Push off with your front foot, stepping backward over the towel and bringing your feet back together.

Pushups on the Beach

When doing pushups on the beach, the uneven terrain will allow your body to be challenged in new ways. Fitness gurus should face the water for your pushups; this puts your body at a decline, which will provide more of a challenge. For beginners, face away from the water so your body will be at an incline, which makes it a bit easier.

Couple Biking Hugh S Branyon Backcountry Trail

Check out the Trails

Get outside and enjoy walking, running or biking through the trails of our island! The Hugh S. Branyon Backcountry Trail is a complex of 7 paved trails through marshes, dunes and parks. It features beach and bay access as well as a butterfly garden and more.

For an Additional Challenge: Cardio Combo

1. Run 3-5 minutes as quickly as you can; stop and perform 30 squats.
2. Run 3-5 minutes as quickly as you can; stop and perform 30 burpees.
3. Run 3-5 minutes as quickly as you can; stop and perform 30 lunges.
4. Run 3-5 minutes as quickly as you can; stop and perform 30 high-to-low planks.
5. Repeat the set 2-3 times.


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