Dads celebrating at NAIA Women's Soccer Championship in Gulf Shores, AL

What Sports Dad Are You?

Find out what Sports Dad you are in this fun quiz!

We all know there are different types of sporting dads out there. The ones that voice their opinions, the ones that keep their cool throughout the whole game and the ones who keep the team morale up. We need all these dads to keep the team going. Which one are you?!  

Answer the Four Questions Below

Dad and son talking to coach during baseball game in Gulf Shores, AL

1. The game just started, and your player is ready to hit the field. What do you yell from the sidelines? 

A: You quickly jump up and get the crowd doing the wave!

B: You throw your shades on and turn the latest team anthem on your phone for everyone to hear. 

C: You make eye contact with the coach and let him know you have your playbook out ready to yell out effective plays. 

2. It’s halftime and the teams are tied. What do you tell the players? 

A: You jump up and get the crowd to cheer for each player! GO TEAM! YOU GOT THIS! 

B: You see your team walk off the field and you wheel over the cooler full of their favorite drinks.

C: You quickly grab your playbook and head over to stand with the coach and show the team what plays you think will work best. 

3. It’s minutes from GAME OVER and the team is down by a few points. What is your next move?

A: This is your time to get the crowd going! More cheering and clapping will get them hyped! 

B: You reach for your phone and sync it to the speaker to play the ultimate fight song! WE GOT THIS! 

C: You rip the pages out of your playbook and throw them in the air. 

4. The game is over and your team celebrates another WIN! How do you celebrate? 

A: You charge the field and immediately give all the players a high five! 

B: You quickly start live-streaming the win and celebrate with the team! 

C: You run to the coach and immediately tell him he should have used some of your plays from the book! 

So, you have finished the quiz. Let’s see which sports dad you are!

If you answered As to most of the questions above, you are the hype dad! 

You are the one who keeps the team’s attitude up and the crowd going! You are the one who is the first to start the wave and the last to stop cheering for your team! You can even be considered the heart of the team! 

If you answered Bs to most of the questions above, you are the cool dad! 

You’re trendy, you’re cool, you are “hip” only if the kids still use that word. You know the latest songs and what all the kids are interested in. You know every team member's favorite drink and the coolest place to take them to eat. You keep ROCKING, dad! 

If you answered Cs to most of the questions above, you are the fire dad! 

You know the ins and outs of every game. You should be the coach but understand the position was given to someone else. You are the one to help the team with their plays and the first to let the umpire know you are watching him. Dad, you are the one who keeps the team on their toes and can drive them to succeed! 

The team needs all types of dads, and each one of you is important! We can’t wait to see you at the game! TEAM DAD!


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