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What Will the Weather Be? Planning for the Gulf Coast.

Be prepared for whatever the weather throws at you in Gulf Shores and Orange Beach. 

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Planning your sportcation to Gulf Shores and Orange Beach? Pack for a successful trip with these tips. 

Prepare for the heat. 

When the heat index climbs on a busy day of sport, it’s vital that you’re taking steps to stay hydrated when training or participating in sporting events. To stay cool in the summertime, dress light in quick-dry materials. 

When packing your skincare products, be mindful that certain ingredients (and even foods) can increase your likeliness to experience a sunburn. Sunscreen is important, but so are sunglasses to prevent glare, and a wide-brimmed hat. Plan to use about one ounce of reef-safe sunscreen per-person for every two hours outdoors. Choose a waterproof option if you’ll be in the water. 

Prepare to have fun. 

In the Gulf of Mexico, water temperatures drop to the mid-fifties in December and will climb to the mid-eighties by June. Most people prefer to swim between spring and fall, but it’s not uncommon to see surfers riding the waves in their wetsuits on a winter’s day. If that sounds like fun to you, consider joining in on one of several regional New Year’s Polar Bear Dips!

Prepare for everything else.

Don’t despair if you see rain on your forecast. With high humidity, rain is seemingly omnipresent in the summertime. Often a storm will blow through just quickly enough to water our thriving maritime forests and cool the air. Be prepared by packing a light rain jacket and maybe even some rain boots, and don’t let that forecast rain on your parade. 

While it’s warm most of the year, it does get chilly here on the Alabama Gulf Coast. In fact, it’s often both cold and warm on the very same day. If you’re here while there’s a potential for a cold snap, pack something to block the wind and dress in layers for insulation. But always be prepared for sunshine. Those beautiful days can often come out of nowhere. 

Whatever the weather, we hope you prepare for a fabulous time here on the Alabama Gulf Coast. 


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