PARENT POINTER: 5 Habits of Highly Effective Sports Parents

Between personal commitments, kids in school and all the other pressures of life, keeping work, school and sports balanced can be seemingly impossible! Luckily, we’ve compiled a list of habits to help keep you and your family organized and ready to take on the year.

1. Make a nightly to-do list. Stay one step ahead of tomorrow by taking 5 minutes each night before bed and make a list of everything scheduled for the next day. Be sure to add all errands, shopping trips, and sports practices to the list so everything is on one page and easy to remember.

2. Use a time management app. Making a to-do list is one thing, but scheduling all of it is another! Time management apps are a great way for everyone in the family to stay on top of their busy schedules. Cozi is a great option! The shared calendar can be color-coded for each family member, with the option to set event reminders. It even comes with a meal planning feature and a family journal to capture and share memories.

3. Save time with curbside pick-up. Cooking dinner after a day of work and sports practice can be a daunting task. Save time by ordering dinner (or any meal of the day) on the go! Ginny Lane Bar & Grill offers both pick-up and delivery options as well as a menu variety that is guaranteed to satisfy the whole family! Need a new pair of baseball socks before the game tomorrow? After picking up dinner, swing by Academy Sports + Outdoors to quickly grab any sports supplies you may need with their curbside pick-up!

4. Keep the car stocked. We all know, with a busy sports parent schedule, there’s never any time to turn around and go back home if something is forgotten! Avoid the stress by keeping a small basket in the car designated for diapers, extra socks for practice, and snacks! We also recommend stashing a $20 bill in the car for emergencies.

5. Get the kids involved. Even super parents need a little help sometimes! The “10-minute pick-up” is a family favorite. Each night after dinner, play music for 10 minutes. In that time frame, everyone in the family helps clean up the house and put away toys used that day. This is a great way to get some help around the house and make it seem like a game for the little ones!

Don’t let the never-ending to-do list bring you down. Use these tips and tricks to stay ahead. You’ve got this!


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