QUIZ: What Type of Beach Bag Packer Are You?

Take this fun quiz to see if you are the over-packer, the borrower or the non-packer. No matter what type of beach bag packer you are, get ready for your next event on the Alabama Gulf Coast!


Let’s look inside your bag…if there is one!

1. You are getting ready for your next event on the Alabama Gulf Coast. You…
a. Quickly check the weekly weather updates to see what the temperatures are like during your stay. 
b. Text a friend to see what they are packing.
c. Eh, you will figure out what to pack the night before. 

2. It’s event time and you are ready to hit the beach. You… 
a. Quickly grab all your belongings in the room and load up the beach wagon you purchased before the trip. 
b. Text your buddies to see what they are bringing down to the sand.
c. Wing it. If you need anything down at the beach, you will figure it out when you get there. 

3. It’s time to grab something to eat after a day on the beach. You…
a. Grab all your stuff from your beach day, hose it down and sort through to re-pack for an evening out on the beach. 
b. Grab your stuff and your friends, throw it all in one bag and head back to the condo. 
c. Stand up, rinse your feet off and call a ride to take you to the nearest restaurant. 

4. It’s time to head home after your amazing event in Gulf Shores and Orange Beach. You…
a. Neatly pack all your belongings into your organized suitcase, fold up your wagon and hit the road. 
b. Throw everything and more into your bag not noticing if it’s all your things or someone else’s. 
c. Grab your phone and a small bag and hit the road. 

So, what kind of beach bag packer do you think you are?

If you answered A to most of the questions, you are The Over-Packer. You are prepared for anything that may be thrown your way. You have everything you need and MORE in your bag. Your friends often look to you if they forget something because odds are, you have what they need.

If you answered B to most of the questions, you are The Borrower. You pack but also lean on others who over-pack. You have what you need but often will ask others and borrow if you forgot something.

If you answered C to most of the questions, you are The Non-Packer. You “wing it." You are the first down to the beach because you don’t pack a thing. You often just carry a towel and water bottle. After all, that’s all you need to relax.

No matter what’s in your beach bag, we are excited to welcome you to the Alabama Gulf Coast and are here to help you with your next event.

So, whether you are The Over-Packer, The Borrower or The Non-Packer, local stores in our area have everything you may need or your friends may need. Shop Academy Sports + OutdoorsTanger Outlet Center and The Wharf in Orange Beach to find all your beach essentials and fun things to take home!

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