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Training on the beach between sports games

If you're visiting the beach for sports in Gulf Shores and Orange Beach, there are plenty of ways to amplify your training and make the most of this beautiful location.

This spring or summer, why not try a new routine? We've got some tips to help you train!

  • Run the Beach - There are 32 miles of white sand and gorgeous shoreline sights for you to take in while you strengthen and build muscle. The sand has more resistance and unique challenges over other surfaces, so be sure to factor that in when calculating your length, speed and goals for your run. Stretching beforehand is key. You'll start to feel the burn way before you're used to. And that's a good thing!
  • Run the Trails - If you'd prefer more solid footing than beach sand for your runs, or if you're simply looking to switch up the scenery, you can follow the Hugh S. Branyon Backcountry Trail System in Gulf State Park. From boardwalks crossing large, salt-bodied lakes, to paved trails surrounded by ancient Great Live Oaks and beautiful swaying Spanish Moss, the scenery on the trail is varied! 
  • Dress for the outdoors - Quick-drying attire is a must, and often, a long-sleeve top and hat will help protect you from the sun. If you don't have many clothing options when packing day comes, no sweat. Academy Sports + Outdoors and Tanger Outlets are both known for a variety of affordable, sport-friendly clothing and gear options. 
  • Isometric Exercises - If you're looking for more stationary training options, consider creating a circuit of body weight-based exercises. Beach yoga is soothing, and there are often groups you can join if you don't like to stretch solo.
  • Add Resistance - For those who feel the need for weights or props, kettlebells or medicine balls can serve multiple purposes at the beach. You don't need too much gear, so make sure you bring weights you can use for multiple exercises. We're sweating just thinking about medicine ball burpees on the beach! Other exercises pack more oomph on the beach, due to sand resistance. Walking deep lunges, sumo squats, and pushups are all going to offer their own challenges on the beach. Have a little fun and mix it up!
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  • Visit a Rec Center - Gulf Shores and Orange Beach are home to recreation centers that offer a daily use fee. The Orange Beach Recreation Center daily fee is only $5 per person, per day, which includes the use of both the recreation center and the aquatics center, and the Bodenhamer Recreation Center in Gulf Shores has a daily use fee of only $10 for non-members to use their Recreation and Fitness Centers. 
  • Pick a Partner - It's not unusual to see sports teams, coaches, or even personal trainers out on the beach. Choose a family member, friend, or fellow athlete to join you for your workout. And, when all else fails — take a dip or go paddle boarding in the in the back bays!

There are lots of great options for athletes and the health-conscious to enjoy in Gulf Shores and Orange Beach. Take a break from your normal routine, and spend time recharging your physical and mental health at the beach. 


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