Four Things to Consider When Planning Beach Portraits

Do you love the look of a family beach portrait with everyone dressed in cool colors, seemingly relaxed, put-together and happy? Make your beach vacation one for the scrapbooks and photos frames with a beach portrait. There are a number of photographers

that specialize in beach portrait photography in Gulf Shores and Orange Beach. Here are a few things to consider to consider when planning your annual portrait:
• Will you be one of those families dressed in the same colors for a unified look or do you want everyone to wear their most fun beach clothes? Consider the personality of your family, and let it shine through.

• Sunrise or sunset? What time of day is best for your family's portrait? Browse our directory for a photographer who can accommodate the time that best meets your family's needs, but be sure to listen to their recommendations. Chances are, they've been doing this a while and know just when to snap the perfect photo.

• Find a photographer with experience taking beach photos. It's a skill making sure the white sand and sunshine don't produce shadows or glares on faces.

• Enjoy! Let the photographer do his or her job getting your group in place and arranged. Don't be the photographer-zilla. You're paying someone to take a great photo – let him or her do it and enjoy the experience with your family.

Find a list of photographers who can capture your special moment in our directory.


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