Five Benefits of Playing 9 Holes

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If you’re contemplating playing golf, one of the drawbacks some see is the thought of spending five hours on the golf course if you don’t have that much time to commit. The speed of play in golf is one of the key issues that all golfers are faced with.

We all hit poor shots and spend time looking for lost balls in the trees or perhaps taking a little longer over each shot as the so-called “pre-shot routine” is drilled into us when we watch the pros on TV.

If you’re heading to one of the many championship golf courses in and around Gulf Shores, no need to worry about a slow pace of play with this one tip I have for you. Forego playing the full 18 holes and instead opt for nine holes. Let’s take a look at some of the key benefits.

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Time Savings

Research has suggested that one of the golfing community’s biggest pet peeves is the pace of play on a golf course.

We all lead hectic lifestyles so how does spending only 2-3 hours sound enjoying your favorite golf course? That’s the inherent beauty of playing only nine holes because the average time is only two and a half hours in comparison with over five hours for the full 18.

Why not head out to the links and enjoy the beautiful weather, knowing that your golfing experience will not take up all your free time to enjoy many of Gulf Shores’ other great attractions.

Course Design

Have you ever wondered why many golf courses have very distinctive front and back nines? Of course it’s possible this is because the course architect wants to leave their impression on the course, but I am convinced that many modern-day designs are done this way so that people can enjoy only nine holes.

A great example of this distinctive design feature is at Peninsula Golf Club in Gulf Shores. This luxury course has three unique designs throughout the 27 hole complex. Golfers can experience Peninsula and decide whether they want to challenge the Marsh, Lakes or Cypress designs, each of which has a distinctive look and feel that make them aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

When you think about some of the finest golf course designers that have left their imprint on the Alabama Gulf Coast, such as Jerry Pate, Earl Stone and Arnold Palmer, you really know that you found a golfing destination worth experiencing. Checking out Gulf Shores’ finest golf courses and playing nine holes around each of them is a great way to find the course that best fits your game.

Cost Effective

Many golf courses offer discounted rates for nine holes, so the next time you’re considering visiting the course, contact the pro shop to see if there are any deals available for the shorter version of the game we all love.

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Improve Self-Confidence

Spending hours in the gym is all well and good when you are trying to become a better golfer. However, golf is as much psychologically demanding as it is physical so it’s imperative that you are in the right frame of mind when playing golf. The beauty of playing only nine holes is that it is less mentally taxing, so you are more likely to want to return to try and improve your score the next time out.

There is nothing worse than playing 18 holes and recording a horrendous score, added to the fact you are already physically and emotionally exhausted. Does that make you want to return the next day? I don’t think so, but with only nine holes under your belt, you are raring to go again and try and improve your best round!

Exercise, Exercise, Exercise       

Do you remember the last time you picked up your golf clubs and actually walked nine or 18 holes? Unfortunately many golf courses are designed in a way that is not conducive to walking but one of the key benefits of playing only nine holes is that this is a great way to improve your exercise levels without really burning yourself out.

Every time I play golf I try and exercise my option to walk a course (this is not always possible as some golf courses mandate that you use a golf cart) as this not only helps keep you healthy, but it is a great way to enjoy the overall golfing experience. What better way to spend a Saturday morning than by taking in the beautiful scenery along the Alabama Gulf Coast while having the best round of your life!


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