Pro Tip: Building an Effective Pre Shot Process

Golf Tips from a Gulf Shores Golf Pro

See It

The first step in an effective routine is to get behind the ball and visualize a positive outcome of the shot you are preparing to play. Fred Couples said, “I visualize the best shot I have played with the club I have chosen”. Jack Nicklaus said that he visualized himself sitting in a movie theatre, “watching himself hit the proper shot”.

Feel It 

You may or may not choose to take a practice swing or motion to help feel it. Both are effective but make a conscious decision to feel the motion.


 Develop a consistent physical routine as you prepare to play the shot. This will include proper grip, stance and posture. Stance and posture includes assuring good alignment and proper ball position relative to the club and shot you are preparing to play. Very important during this step of your pre shot process to make this as fluid and consistent as possible. The reason is it will help calm down your mind if you focus on this properly. You have already visualized a successful shot in Step 1 so “trust” that image.

Developing and sticking to a pre-shot routine regardless of how you are playing is really important to becoming the best golfer you can be! Time and time again across the professional tours the winners usually always say in their victory interview, “I did a good job of staying in my routine or process this week”.

Practice and Enjoy The Challenge of the Game!

Rea Schuessler is the golf pro at Peninsula Golf and Racquet Club


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