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Five Time-Saving Tips for Meeting Planners

The one resource you can use up and not renew? Time.

And it’s one of the most important resources when planning a destination meeting. With the continuous onslaught of details staring you down, trying to keep it all together may be easier with these time-saving tips.

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1. Post-Meeting Analysis

Once the dust has settled on your meeting, make a detailed list of what went right, what went wrong and what you'd do differently. Also list the vendors who were most helpful, as well as those you wouldn’t use again. Your post-meeting analysis will serve as your first go-to document in planning the next destination meeting or convention. It can remove several steps or questions in determining who to work with again and specific items you do or don’t want to include. 

2. Delegate

While delegating sounds like a no-brainer, it’s also one of the most difficult things for some meeting planners to embrace. Realize you can’t simultaneously check on name badges, order a last-minute projector and confirm speakers have arrived. In the months preceding your event, train your staff well. If you’re a one-person show but will have volunteers available, create a detailed list of actions and expectations for them to follow. An FAQ sheet can be invaluable for volunteers in the days before and during your event. 

3. Revamp Your To-Do List

A to-do list is a great tool to keep you moving forward; however, to really keep yourself on task, assign timeframes to each item on your list. Top-priority items should be first on your task schedule. Adding notes in your phone and setting reminders for you and your team will help keep you on track to succeed.

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4. Safety and Going Virtual

Have a game plan set in place to address safety concerns and new COVID policies for your business and visiting areas. Also delegate a team that will focus on handling the event virtually if needed. We have created a helpful COVID Resource webpage  to update you on state mandates and local guidelines. 

5. Destination Services

Lastly, don't ignore the availability of your destination’s sales team. The Gulf Shores & Orange Beach Tourism sales staff is always ready to coordinate venue proposals and sourcing options, provide referrals for area services and off-site functions, and assist with event marketing and other logistics, including facilitating planning with attractions and restaurants. Our meeting planner toolkit offers save-the-date and digital banner ads to help promote your event. We also provide pro tips and more to assist planners. 

Let’s get planning! 

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