Sand castle building in Gulf Shores, AL

Survival Guide Series: DO This…NOT That

A guide to beaching like a pro on your next SPORTcation!

It’s time to hit the road and head to Alabama’s beaches for a long-awaited SPORTcation! Your bag is packed, your team is ready and it’s time to start beaching like the pros. To help you become the real MVP of your group, we have mapped out a list of things to do and things NOT to do when you visit Gulf Shores and Orange Beach. By the end of your trip, your teammates will think you have been traveling here for years!

Boy skimboarding in Orange Beach, AL

Swimming at the Beach 

DO THIS: Before hitting the beach, make sure you check what colored flag is flying. Each color means something different and can be a lifesaver when you pay attention to them. Just like team colors, these flag colors are important and fly for a reason. 

NOT THAT: Do not just take off swimming as deep as you can go without checking the flags. Red and double red flags mean the water could have hidden rip currents and dangers that are not visible from the shore. 

DO THIS: Swim, boogie-board, snorkel and have fun enjoying all the water activities Gulf Shores and Orange Beach have to offer. 

NOT THAT: Do not disturb wildlife in the water (unless your shoreline fishing, of course). We share our shores with all kinds of coastal creatures, so let’s kindly keep our distance and leave them alone. No one wants to accidentally get stung by a jellyfish. 

Leave Only Footprints on Alabama's beaches

Playing on the Beach

DO THIS: Gulf Shores and Orange Beach boast numerous beach activities. Build a sandcastle, play beach volleyball, walk, swim and enjoy the day. But always remember to pick up all your trash AND belongings before you leave the beach. At dusk, city crews begin to pick up and discard anything left behind, helping keep our beaches clean and safe as part of the Leave Only Footprints initiative. 

NOT THAT: Do not dig deep holes or leave trash behind. Both can cause harm to people and precious wildlife. Gulf Shores and Orange Beach is a nesting ground for several types of sea turtles. They come ashore at night time to lay their eggs, and deep holes can prevent them from returning to the water and result in injury or even death. Winds and waves can sweep trash into the Gulf of Mexico, causing harm to fish and all other creatures in and around the water. Deep holes and trash (especially sharp items like glass) could also harm beach visitors.

Fun Activities 

DO THIS: Are you and your teammates looking for a challenge? Try the ropes course at Lucy Buffett’s LuLu’s in Gulf Shores. Test your climbing and balancing skills on this fun obstacle course. 

NOT THIS: Do not test your skills by climbing on the sand dunes. These dunes are precious resources that keep the beaches safe from storm surge and high tides and serve as a safe haven for many endangered coastal critters. 

Now that you know a few do’s and don’ts when you visit the Alabama beaches, it’s time to have a FUN and safe time on your next SPORTcation!

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