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Voyage through time and revisit an era of adventure and bravery as you tour our many exhibits. The recipient of nine WWII Battle Stars, the Battleship USS ALABAMA and her crew of 2,500 saw action in the Atlantic for a year before joining the Pacific Fleet in mid-1943. There she fought at such key locations as Leyte, the Gilbert Islands and Okinawa. After the signing of the war ending surrender documents in September 1945, USS ALABAMA, or the “Mighty A”, as she was known, led the American Fleet into Tokyo Bay. Alongside the battleship is America's oldest Gato Class US Submarine on public display. The DRUM is named for a large sea bass found off the North Atlantic Coast. With its crew of 72 men, the DRUM conducted 13 war patrols, was awarded 12 campaign stars, and sank 15 Japanese ships totaling over 80,000 tons. Visitors can go below and inside to see the conditions that confronted our Navy’s submariners. Relive the glory days of the Air Force with “Calamity Jane,” a B-52 Stratofortress that served with the Strategic Air Command (SAC). Another Cold War veteran, the A-12 “Blackbird” spyplane, is a fascinating blast from the past. Inspect our other aircrafts from Korea, Vietnam, and Desert Storm, too. Be sure to visit the inspiring Vietnam and Korean War Memorials and check out the other aircraft and military equipment in our park. Take time to relax by the bay with something delicious from The Galley and then, stop by the Ship’s Store where you will find unique clothing, mementos and other military-themed items. There is so much to see at USS ALABAMA Battleship Memorial Park! Come visit and take a step back in time, reliving the many thrilling stories that played out aboard the Battleship ALABAMA and Submarine USS DRUM.

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