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Four Tips to Stay in Shape During Winter

Enduring the cold winter months is hard enough. Persevering through them as an athlete is an additional challenge.

The temptation to fall into unproductive and unhealthy patterns during the winter shoulder season is difficult to resist...especially with all the delicious holiday pie! So read on for a few simple ways to combat that temptation and motivate yourself to stay in shape during a cold winter.

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Change up your Workout Routines

Use the cold weather season as an opportunity to strengthen those muscles that didn’t get much attention during the summer. This could mean varying your typical training atmosphere. For instance, if you are used to running laps outdoors, try swimming laps indoors in a heated pool. Or, instead of biking, take a hot yoga class to burn those extra calories. Variety in your routine not only helps you become stronger but also keeps you engaged and motivated during any time of the year.

Don’t Procrastinate

It’s easy for the “I’ll do it tomorrow” mentality to quickly turn into “I’ll do it next week.” Don’t wait for the new year to begin working toward your goals. Our tip is to start right away, letting no excuse get in the way. Then, when you finally begin, you’ll feel more encouraged to continue the pattern. You’ll thank yourself later!

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Stay limber With Exercise

Flexibility is proven to prevent injuries at any age. Therefore, athletes must continue to stretch even when workouts may not be as intense. As the temperatures and activity levels drop during the cold winter months, muscles tighten, making it even more crucial to coax the muscles into pliability. Even in your golden years, stretching daily is excellent for joint health and will help prevent stiffness. 

Staying Indoors for Training

If possible, move your physical exercise/training to a gym or any indoor location. Muscle contraction is negatively affected by low temperatures. And the cold, dry air can cause discomfort in the throats and lungs. For those who choose to do their cold-weather workouts outdoors, visit Academy Sports + Outdoors for all of the latest winter workout gear. 

As you set out to make this winter season a productive one, remember these tips to guide you to training success.


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