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5 Reasons to Visit Alabama Beaches During the Off Season

Alabama beaches are some of the most beautiful beaches in the country.

While many vacationers find themselves going to the beach during the peak season of summer, my family enjoys going to Gulf Shores and Orange Beach in the off season. Fall and winter are great times for several reasons.

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White Sand Beaches
1. Smaller crowds

When I’m planning a trip, I like to take into consideration the crowds. Alabama’s coast is substantially less crowded than other beaches. You’ll find fewer people on the beach, less traffic and shorter waits at restaurants, if any, during the off season. Going to Gulf Shores and Orange Beach should be stress-free and relaxing, and not having to deal with crowds makes for a much calmer vacation.

2. Cooler temps

If you love the beach and all the beach activities, but are like me and prefer cooler temperatures, the off season is the perfect time to visit. Walk along the beach, go to a nice restaurant, take in the views from your balcony, or race along the wooden tracks at The Track in Gulf Shores. All of these activities are great during the fall and winter months.

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3. Off-season prices

I have found that vacation rentals, entertainment and sometimes restaurant prices drop quite nicely on Alabama’s beaches during the shoulder season. When budgeting for vacation, knowing that rates may be less in the off-season makes my decision easier.

4. Variety of events

The Alabama Gulf Coast hosts many fun events year round for interests of all sorts, from golfing to fishing to bird watching. During the off-season, some events and activities include ice skating at The Wharf, Snowbird Bratfest, Mardi Gras Boat Parade and the Orange Beach Seafood Festival & Car Show, just to name a few.

5. Relaxing

With fewer visitors and cooler weather, you’ll enjoy vacationing at the beach even more. You will also get to see Gulf Shores and Orange Beach in a different light. You’ll find it even more laid back than during the summer.

So, if you’re planning a trip and you’re debating on where to go, look no further than Gulf Shores and Orange Beach for your late fall or winter retreat. There are too many reasons to not make this your off-season destination.


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