Pro Tip: Practice Into the Wind

Enjoy 200 holes of championship golf when you golf on the Alabama Gulf Coast.Great weather in the spring and summer calls you to the Alabama Gulf Coast for a great round of golf. Coastal breezes may come into play while you are on the course. Our local golf pro Todd Edwards has a tip to help you.
Schedule practice time so that you can practice with the wind in your face. By playing into the wind you learn how to control your shot. Many players tend to swing harder to adjust to the wind, but this actually makes things worse. A harder hit creates more spin on the ball. The key is to take spin off the ball.

Next time you are facing into the wind, grip down on the club for a shorter backswing, and keep your body fluid and quiet. A gentle, fluid swing takes spin off the ball. It won't fly as high, but it will travel low (under the wind) and long. A low-flying ball results in a low-scoring game.

We hope this tip helps your game on our courses.


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