What Millennials Want From a Meeting

Millennials present a new set of considerations for meeting planners. Determining what is most important in terms of work and career and aligning the goals of a meeting with Millennials' generational preferences is a balancing act.

Millennials in a Meeting held along Gulf Shores and Orange Beach, Alabama

Meetings still have to provide value for all generations attending, but the good news is, with next-generation meeting design, it can be done successfully and may offer more opportunities for all involved.

Millennials place value on face-to-face networking just as much as other generations, because these interactions drive business and maintain professional relationships. In addition, face-to-face meetings promote personal and professional growth. This doesn’t sound much different, if any, than previous generations. However, Millennials expect a technology component that enhances the full experience. They value second-screen technology during meetings, and making connections through various mediums.

In addition, Millennials value experiences and are more likely to explore the destination where your meeting is being held. Consider adding a robust agenda with offsite team-building and activities that facilitate exploration and diving into your destination.

In a recent survey of 2,000 Millennial respondents, this generation was asked what their motivation was to attend a meeting, event or convention. Some of the highest-ranking answers included:
•    Provide career networking and job opportunities
•    Environment for generating and sharing my ideas
•    Provide career coaching opportunities
•    Condensed program to allow for extracurricular activities
•    Personal recognition
•    Menu of options in educational programming
Including these components in your destination meeting will likely set your event on the path to success. For information on how the Gulf Shores & Orange Beach Tourism sales team can help accomplish your meeting planning goals, visit us online.


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