3 Ways Social Media Can Help Meeting Planners Communicate & Educate Attendees

Are you strategizing and communicating effectively on social media?

For years, planners thought of social media as more of a distraction during meetings than something useful. However, today more than ever, attendees have come to expect a level of interaction via digital means as a method of communication and education. Attendees are now looking to social media for meeting updates, travel schedules and more.

We’re happy to share a few ways you can make social media work for your next destination and hybrid meetings:

  • Develop an event hashtag. Attendees can follow the feed online to keep up with your event’s happenings, including schedules, schedule changes, speaker features and sponsor spotlights. Excerpts and takeaways from attendees’ favorite sessions provide wonderful posts for this feed. Speakers may even ask attendees to post their questions to the hashtag feed so they can answer them live during their session. This is a great way to get user-generated content (UGC) to help promote your next meeting.
  • Give your destination meeting attendees something fun. In this age of selfies, GIFs and memes, a backdrop or selfie frame is a must-have at your meeting. A unique backdrop with your logo will entice people to snap a picture in front of it. Encourage attendees to share their photos online using your custom hashtag as well as the destination, venue and city hashtags.
  • Set up several screens with hashtag feeds throughout your event space and include a large one in the main presentation room. The real-time feeds will display any tweet using your designated hashtag. If you’re concerned about inappropriate tweets being displayed, use a program that allows you to monitor and approve tweets before they go live. It piques interest when attendees see what others are thinking and how they are benefiting from the presentations. Ask your speakers to use these messages to begin real-time chats about their topic.

Stay up to date with the latest trends on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. Helpful scheduling tools can allow you to make one educational post and send it to all your platforms at once. Take advantage of stories and ask attendees to tag your page so you can share their photos with your fans.

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