Reshaping Meetings in 2017: Part 2

In part one of this series, the festivalization of meetings was discussed. In this segment, we discuss reshaping meetings through experiential marketing.

Experiential marketing aims to form an emotional connection between the buyer and the brand. Brands hope this connection creates customer loyalty and influences decision making. More and more meeting planners are tapping into this form of marketing for their events. Today, planners look at events as part of their brand experience platform.

With so many distractions and touchpoints cluttering the digital airways and media landscape, the value of face-to-face engagement is becoming even more essential than before.

Brands recognize their meetings as live brand marketing platforms rather than just business events. This experiential marketing confirms the brand and customer relationship with physical engagement.

Experiential marketing creates unique, in-person experiences. While these campaigns are often event-centric, it’s not always the case – and that allows planners and marketers the opportunity to combine them in integrated campaigns. Experiential marketing integrates the consumer’s interest in social media, online engagement, and digital and in-person events.

While there are many ways to incorporate this type of marketing into your event planning, these four ideas will help you get started:

  • Connect your audience online. Encourage event chatter by creating online groups and forums specifically for your event. This can easily be accomplished with a Facebook or LinkedIn group. Doing so will get the conversations rolling between attendees, speakers, planners and even the destination.
  • Embrace LinkedIn. Add schedules and online agendas, and encourage pre- and post-event engagement.
  • Engage your audience by giving them a voice in event agendas and speakers. Offer online voting for agenda options and give attendees a voice and ownership.
  • At your actual event, physically engage with your attendees through opportunities to experience your brand’s products or services first-hand. Make it fun by incorporating games and prizes.

Experiential marketing is centered on creating a unique experience appealing to consumers’ emotions. Implementing this type of marketing via light-hearted, memorable experiences relating to your brand is well worth the effort and return in building loyal relationships.

The Gulf Shores & Orange Beach Tourism sales team can provide vendor information and ideas pertaining to the Alabama Gulf Coast that may help you accomplish your event goals.

Festivalization of Meetings

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