Conference Breakfast that Keeps the Carb Crash at Bay

You’ve invited top-notch speakers and you want your meeting attendees to hang on every word.

How do you ensure it happens? For starters, help them stay focused with the right kind of conference food. So often, planners will load the breakfast bar with nap-inducing foods such as bagels and light yogurt. Wait . . . did you just ask what was wrong with those choices? Read on, fellow planners.

Food For Thought

Balcony Food in Gulf Shores

One bagel is equivalent to four slices of white bread. Give it an hour and carb overload will ensue. If you’re determined to offer bagels, go with the whole-grain variety and provide peanut butter as a topper. The protein and healthy fats will keep your attendees full and energized.

Now, back to the light yogurt. It’s packed with artificial sweeteners. Choose plain Greek yogurt and offer fresh fruit and raw nuts as yogurt mixers. Raw nuts and not granola? That’s right. Many types of granola are packed with sugar and they offer very little protein.

While we probably don’t have to say it, we will: Leave the donuts and pastries at the bakery. You won’t find any whole grains in donuts and all the sugar will cause blood sugar to spike. It won’t be long before your meeting attendees are nodding off during your keynote speaker’s presentation.

Delicious Omelet

Now that you know what you shouldn’t feed your conference crowd, what SHOULD you feed them?

Eggs are an excellent source of protein. Make breakfast an event by offering an omelet bar. Provide veggies such as red bell pepper, spinach and mushrooms. Have your conference caterer provide a wrap station. Scrambled eggs are great in a whole-wheat tortilla with a little salsa and some low-fat cheddar cheese. Boiled eggs are also great for a quick pop of protein.

Choosing the wrong food to start the day can send all your hard work spiraling down the drain. 

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