New Year Resolutions for Event Planners

Gulf Shores MeetingsWho says new year resolutions can only be personal ones? Some of the best changes we make will be in our professional lives. Professional resolutions can help mold our personal lives. Freeing up time and living with less stress are just two benefits of practical and well-executed professional resolutions. If you haven’t already thought of a resolution or two, we’ve compiled a few for you to consider.

Beach MeetingsTake Breaks. Did you know the most productive employees take 17-minute breaks for every 52 minutes they work? While that many breaks may seem counterintuitive, it’s just what your mind and body need to refuel, so to speak. Avoid doing anything work-related during those 17 minutes, including checking email. In fact, step away from your desk altogether and take a walk. How do you remember to take these 17-minute breaks? Add a reminder on your phone.

ReadingRead Something Industry-Related Every Day. If you don’t have time to read the latest industry or professional development news, listen to a podcast! Podcasts are ideal for morning commutes and may even offer you the perfect idea to get your creative juices flowing for the day.

Accept Help. You really don’t have to go it alone. When you truly need help, ask for it. Now, if you weren’t paying enough attention in a meeting you may reconsider how you ask for help – but if you don’t ask questions or request assistance, you may set yourself up for stress and failure. Successful people ask for help.

Orange Beach MeetingsResolve to Use Your Vacation Time. All of It. You’ll be a happier, healthier employee if you actually take your vacation time. Much like taking breaks makes you more productive, so does taking your vacation time.

Network. Expand your list of professional contacts via networking opportunities such as association meetings, business after hours, etc. Attend at least one professional meeting each month, and cultivate relationships. These relationships may turn into great avenues for bouncing around ideas or even future employment opportunities.

Meetings and NetworkingGet Organized. Is this the resolution that made you stop and run away? Getting organized may be the toughest new year resolution of all, but it also may be the most important. Develop a way to track your goals and your to-do list, whether it’s a planner, project management software or your Outlook calendar.

Have you named your professional new year resolution? Tell us what it is and how you plan to achieve it.


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