Why Alabama's Beaches are an Easy Vacation Choice

"So much sand! The white, sandy beach stretched east and west, calling to us."

I remember my first visit to Alabama’s beaches, four short years ago. While I was excited to go someplace new, spring break at the beach hardly sounded relaxing. My previous spring break beach experiences always included busy roads and the related traffic jams, noisy restaurants with long waits, and crowded beaches covered from end to end with tanning bodies.

But I’d never been to an Alabama beach. And I figured any beach is better than staying home to clean house, do laundry and pay bills. So, off to Alabama we went — not knowing the surprise we would find!

We drove to Alabama. Guess what we found: No traffic jams! Zero. Zilch. Zip! That’s not to say we didn’t wait at a traffic light a couple of times. The roads, though, were much less crowded than I expected. We got to our hotel, the Perdido Beach Resort, without the usual missed turns and slow pace we’ve come to expect at other beaches.

We checked into our hotel and peeked out the window to the beach below. So much sand! The white, sandy beach stretched east and west, calling to us. So we grabbed our flip flops and headed outside to explore.

It turns out that Alabama’s beaches are different than a lot of other beaches! And it’s these unique features that make them such an easy vacation choice.

Girl paddleboarding in Orange Beach

So much to see and do!

Whatever you like to do, it’s probably available in Gulf Shores and Orange Beach. Well . . . you won’t find downhill skiing, but you can go water skiing.

And speaking of water sports, diving, kayaking and stand-up paddleboarding are all available! For a memorable adventure, consider the whole-day excursion to see the Blue Angels with Sail Wild Hearts. “One of the funnest days ever,” says my daughter.

Or go fishing! Fish from “solid ground” at the Gulf State Park pier or take a fishing charter for a big-water experience.

Off the water, there’s tons to do, too! Head to Gulf State Park for biking, hiking and geo-caching. The park also has a golf course, a beach and a nature center. Budget friendly, the nature center offers activities throughout the year, most of them free!

If you like zoos, “the little zoo that could” is amazing, especially for the elementary school crowd. I highly recommend the kangaroo animal encounter — so much fun!

Honestly, I could go on and on. With so much to see and do, there really is something for everyone, and that makes vacation easy!

Alabama's best beach restaurants

Eat local!

There are so many great restaurants at Alabama’s beaches. The only thing hard about dining out is deciding where to go first.

I’m not kidding!

On my last trip, I met some people vacationing in Gulf Shores and Orange Beach for the first time. They asked for restaurant recommendations and I rattled off a list. A few days later, I ran into them again. They thanked me for the suggestions (which they said were awesome) and gave me the names of a couple new places to try! That’s always how it is here. People enjoying great food in a relaxed atmosphere. Talk about an easy vacation!

On my next trip, I plan to try their recommendations. I’m also considering one of the food trails for a different experience. Who wants to join me on the Bread Pudding Trail or Key Lime Pie Trail? YUM!

Boys Playing on Alabama's Beaches

Back to the beach!

Of course, we’re talking about Alabama’s beaches here — and the beach is a standout! One of the reasons I like vacationing here is the community commitment to keeping the beaches clean. The motivation isn’t “just” litter-free beaches. From one end to the other, Alabama’s beach communities have made a commitment to leave only footprints. While clean beaches are the result, the purpose stems from a desire to protect local fish and wildlife, like sea turtles.

Those clean beaches are the perfect backdrop to the family friendliness here. The water is warm, thanks to being on the Gulf Coast. The beach is wide, with room to toss a football or play beach volleyball while others build sandcastles. Many of the hotels and condos have beach toys families can use during their stay. All that adds up to an easy beach vacation!

Couple kayaking in Orange Beach

Community pride

There’s one more element that makes a vacation here so easy — though most vacationers probably couldn’t put it into words. It’s one of those things you sense, but might not see.

Since most places in Gulf Shores and Orange Beach are owned locally, there’s a sense of cooperation here that benefits everyone. Business owners are committed to community, family and friendliness. They cooperate to make this place the best it can be for both local residents and vacationers, and that makes the Alabama Gulf Coast stand out.

And there you have it, many reasons why I think Alabama’s beaches are an easy vacation choice. I’m sure there are even more reasons to love vacationing here. Please, join in. Leave a comment below to share what makes Alabama’s beaches an easy choice for you!


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