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Three Tips on Buying the Best Golf Club for Every Standard Golfer

Looking to buy golf clubs for your first time heading to the course? Check out our 3 tips for finding the best club that fits your style & ability.

Are you an aspiring golfer ready to take the next step to improve your score? Or are you picking up a golf club to tee off for the first time? Regardless of what level of golfer you are, having the correct clubs is something everyone needs to focus on, especially if you desire to improve or reach your maximum potential. 
Golf clubs come in all different shapes and sizes, and for beginners heading into a pro shop or golf store for the first time, it can be a daunting prospect looking at the variety of brands and options. But, as with everything in life, there is a broad spectrum of golf clubs available to satisfy everyone's skill level and, of course, budget because we know that golf clubs are not one-size-fits-all.
Whether you are looking to purchase an inexpensive complete set for that first trip to tee off on the Gulf Coast, or perhaps you are raring to hit the links after buying the latest and greatest driver, selecting the right equipment is the first step in achieving your goals on the course. 

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Take Advantage of Selecting Your Favorite Golf Clubs

Golfers can carry up to 14 clubs, and there are no restrictions on the type of clubs you can carry. You may find that you prefer hitting woods rather than irons, so definitely take advantage of this benefit and fill your bag full of your preferred options. 
Most golfers will likely carry a driver (longest club in the bag), 3-wood (and sometimes a 5-wood), 3-iron to pitching wedge, two additional wedges, and the shortest club in the bag, the putter. However, finding the perfect combination is a personal choice, and there is no right or wrong approach. This is a golfer's one chance to fill their bag with their favorite tools to maximize their chances of achieving the best score on the course.

How to Pick the Perfect Club & Putter

 So, how does a golfer decide what clubs to purchase? If you are committed to improving your game and have a desire to get better, don't be afraid to pay a premium for the better-quality ones.
While budget is undoubtedly a key component, you should consider several other deciding factors. Let's look at some of the essential aspects worth thinking about.

Golfing in Gulf Shores

Look and Appearance of Your Golf Club

If you are an avid golfer planning on playing frequently, you must develop a good working relationship with them, and so the overall look, feel, and appearance of them as you peer down behind the golf ball is important. The aesthetic appearance of a golf club may seem trivial, but what you are looking at can help increase your confidence, which will help improve your game.
Less confident ball-strikers may prefer to pick a cavity back set of irons, while seasoned golfers prefer a "blade" with a sleek appearance but an unforgiving impact zone.

Swing Forgiveness

While we may all consider ourselves the next Tiger Woods, there is no point in making this game more difficult than it already is. Purchase golf clubs that will enhance your game and make life as easy as possible. 
If you are confident in your ball striking ability, the "player's" style irons will give you the control and ability to shape the ball around the course. However, many amateur golfers will benefit from purchasing a set with maximum swing forgiveness for those less than perfect ball strikes

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Golf Performance

It's critical to try out the club(s) before purchasing them. Many golf stores have indoor practice areas to sample new irons and woods, while the putting green is the perfect spot to see if a new putter will find its way into your golf bag. 
Grips come in various sizes, and the feel is also vital with every club in the bag. Find out from the local professional if you should opt for graphite or steel shafts, which will likely be dependent on your swing speed and playing standard. Finding the perfect loft and bounce is important for your selection of wedges, and the style of golf courses you will be playing most often will determine the best options to choose.

Take Pride in Your New Golf Equipment

Ready to head to the golf course and showcase your new equipment? While this is an exciting time, there is nothing worse than heading to the golf course only to find that the weather isn't cooperating, and you leave with a set of brand-new clubs that look like they have been in every hazard around the course. 
Take time to keep your clubs clean, especially the grooves and grips. This will not only improve the performance but also ensure the longevity of the clubs. A bucket of warm water and mild dish soap is the perfect combination to allow your clubs to soak, and soon they will be like new.

Ready to hit the courses and test your new clubs? There’s no better place to play a few rounds than at one of the 15 beautiful courses in and around Gulf Shores. So start planning your next golf getaway today by booking your place to stay!


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