Couple on Alabama's white sand beaches

7 Awesome Date Night (and Day) Ideas in Gulf Shores

Are you ready for something different for your next date night (or day) in Gulf Shores and Orange Beach?

Ditch dinner and a movie and plan a date that will be long remembered. No matter if you’re an adventure-loving couple or prefer to keep things low key, we’ve got a list of suggestions that’ll make your heart flutter with excitement.

Couple parasailing in Gulf Shores

1. Parasailing as a couple is an adrenaline-rushing way to do something exciting, get a bird’s eye view of the Gulf and even check off a possible bucket-list item. Maybe you’ve watched from the beach as the parasailers breezed by, wondering what it felt like to have the wind kissing your face and adrenaline propelling you forward. Now is the time to give it a try!

2. We’d like to think everyone has romantic dreams of engaging in a Patrick Swayze/Demi Moore clay moment from the movie Ghost. And, while it might not be quite the intimate scene in the movie, learning to throw clay on a pottery wheel is definitely a memorable experience. Sign up for a lesson at the Clay Studio located on the beautiful grounds of the Coastal Arts Center of Orange Beach.

3. If you’re interested in an upscale dining experience for an extra special date night, check out Chef's Table by Orange Beach Concierge, a Signature Experience in Gulf Shores and Orange Beach. Chef David Pan plans the perfect multi-course menu with locally-sourced, high-quality produce, fresh seafood and game meats. Add some wine and you’re living the dream.

4. Get sandy together during a class by Sand Castle University and learn sand castle building techniques that will have everyone on the beach in awe of your skills. They come to you, bring the equipment and include a free time-lapse video of your lesson for you to keep. Now, that’s a souvenir!

Aerial View of Orange Beach Alabama

5. Take flight with Lost Bay Helicopters! A veteran-owned and operated helicopter tour company, Lost Bay Helicopters offers stunning beach tours, romantic sunset flights and skydiving rides. You’ll be in the more-than-capable hands of highly-skilled pilots dedicated to making your experience safe and memorable.

6. A small, two-passenger boat might be the perfect setting for a daytime date with your special person. Give a look to Orange Beach Cat Boat Tours where you’ll get a safety briefing before departing to explore the back bays of Alabama’s Coastal waterways. Head down Ole River to the Flora-Bama Yacht Club for lunch and who knows, you might just spot a dolphin!

7. Whether you’re a history buff or love a good mystery, don’t pass up an afternoon of Espionage at Mobile Point: Fort Morgan, another Signature Experience in Gulf Shores and Orange Beach. Captured as a Civil War spy before the Battle of Mobile Bay, you’ll need to use your skills to uncover clues to aid in your escape before being charged with treason. You’ve got an hour to crack the code, find the plans and escape. You’ll even get a little education about the Battle of Mobile Bay during the escape.

As you plan and prepare for your date night (or day), be sure and browse our special offers.


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