Orange Beach Mardi Gras

Are you looking for a family-friendly Mardi Gras parade to attend in Gulf Shores? Read Tammilee Tillison's tips on how to celebrate Mardi Gras as a family!

I can’t think of a better place to celebrate a true New Orleans Mardi Gras than Gulf Shores and Orange Beach! The weather is fantastic, the food delicious and it is almost all family-friendly!
The parades are fun, family events. Floats, costumes, and bands and beads and all the Mardi Gras fun…but G-rated! You don’t have to worry about covering the kids’ eyes because something is happening you don’t want them to see. 
We did our Mardi Gras celebrations in Gulf Shores and Orange Beach a couple of years ago and completely fell in love with it! I will admit to contemplating shipping home multiple Rouse’s Market King Cakes and freezing them so we could have them year-round. We also stocked up on King Cake flavored coffee and honestly everything King Cake flavored we could find. 
Here are some of the epic highlights you do not want to miss while enjoying Mardi Gras on Alabama’s beaches.

Gulf Shores and Orange Beach Mardi Gras Parades For the Whole Family

Gulf Shores Mardi Gras Parade

Get ready to have a great time while you dance, laugh, and yell for beads while wearing your finest Mardi Gras outfits. Bring out all the gold, green and purple! 
One of the cool things about celebrating Mardi Gras in Gulf Shores and Orange Beach is you can enjoy multiple kid-friendly parades, including street parades and even LuLu’s boat parade! There are Mardi Gras street parades held in both Gulf Shores and Orange Beach. Like most things right now, times and events are subject to change. Check the Mardi Gras Page for the up-to-date parade routes, information, and times. 
The Gulf Shores parade starts at the bottom of the Intercoastal Bridge at 10 a.m. and travels to the main public beach. We stood on the side of the road and had so much fun at this parade. The City of Orange Beach parade starts at the traffic light east of Phoenix

West at 2 p.m. and ends at Highway 161. Get ready to catch some beads and other fun Mardi Gras souvenirs. The communities really come together for the parades, including businesses, organizations, and, of course, the high school marching bands.
If you don’t want to stand the entire parade, many guests bring beach chairs and relax in the parking lot or safely off the road. I suggest bringing a beach bag to hold the beads you catch. 

One cool thing is the Gulf Shores and Orange Beach Mardi Gras parades happen on the same day but at different times. You can easily enjoy both events to keep the good times rolling. 
When it comes to unique Mardi Gras parades, you have to check out LuLu’s Boat Parade. Get there early because this event is popular! During the event, you can check out all of the boats decorated for Mardi Gras while enjoying an ice-cold Bushwacker. 


Looking for Something a Little Less “Kid-Friendly”?

If you are looking for an adult-only Mardi Gras party, check out the annual LuLu’s Ball. The Mardi Gras ball is coupled with the restaurant’s anniversary celebration and features a New Orleans-inspired buffet and live music! Check the event calendar as the Carnival season nears, as some events may not be held in 2022. This adults-only ball is the perfect reason to wear your beads, sparkles, and feathers! 
These are just a few of the epic Mardi Gras events held on the Alabama Gulf Coast. Make sure to check out all the Mardi Gras happenings and book your vacation rental in advance!


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