SURVIVAL GUIDE: 4 Ways To Keep Your Meeting Fun in a Hybrid & Virtual World

You don’t want to just stare at a screen, so don’t make your attendees do it.

In a world of hybrid or completely virtual meetings, how do you keep your attendees engaged and eager to log back in after a break? Note the tips and pointers below for some ideas on keeping things interesting as part of our meeting planner "Survival Guide" series.

Games. Yes, we know the thought of another team game might send shudders down your spine, but we aren’t talking about your run-of-the-mill ice breakers. We are talking about in-person and virtual games to keep your attendees involved and alert:

  • Virtual Scavenger Hunt: Offer a reward for the first person to respond or send in a snippet of information or a picture buried deep within your website’s pages. It should be relevant to the topic at hand, and you can give clues throughout your meeting on how to find the virtual object. In-person attendees can play along, too. This will drive traffic to your site AND provide your attendees with a brain teaser along with a bit of competition.
  • Word Games: These are fun to throw in throughout your meeting as a quick break to shift gears and get your attendees thinking. Give attendees a letter then a topic and have them send in or shout out words that fit. The person who matches the predetermined word wins. Create teams within Zoom or just keep it solo. Prizes are encouraged. 

Virtual Buddies. Did we just become best work-friends? Virtual buddies are randomly chosen “buddies” for attendees. At some point during a break, the buddies exchange contact information and connect to learn at least one thing about each other. This could even be expanded to include a different buddy each break or each day of your conference. Give prizes for the teams with the most (or most unusual) facts about each other or random draws from the teams who participated. This is also a great way to encourage networking among those who wouldn’t normally meet during an in-person gathering.

Virtual Break-Away Rooms. Zoom offers options to host virtual rooms within your meeting. Randomly assign attendees to a room to network during the meeting. This gives attendees an informal way to network and feel more connected to others.

Prizes. Who doesn’t love a giveaway? Let’s be honest, most people will show up if it gives them a chance to win something. Offer incentives for logging on during each presentation and for engaging in the meeting. People with the most logins, engagement, participation and more WIN.

Make this year’s hybrid or virtual meeting a FUN one that your attendees will talk about for years to come.

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