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Market your meeting with a video teaser

Ditch the flyer and try a video teaser for your next meeting.

Everyone knows social media is a hot commodity, so what better way to reach more potential participants than a video teaser? A video teaser is an excellent way to grab someone's attention fast and keep it. With a short video, you can provide just enough information to get someone excited, then lead them back to your website for the important information. The best part? Your video can be recorded on a high-quality camera included on most phones, and the editing can be accomplished via a simple-to-use app!

Video Teaser Gulf Shores AL

If you have a newer iPhone, the app iMovie comes standard, so there is no charge. This app is great because it allows you to import your videos and photos into projects, then edit them in a user-friendly environment. There is even an option to add filters and themes to the project. iMovie will also let you add text overlays and filters to individual clips in the project.

Another great app is Videoshop. Record clips directly within the app or import them from your camera roll. Make them stand out by adding text and narration to the clips, merging multiple clips into one, and a lot more.

If you have a GoPro, import your photos and videos into the Splice app to create a movie. Within the app, crop your images, then add effects, music and text to the video.

When you're planning your video, footage consideration is one of the most important aspects. Include images or clips that appeal to your target audience and also make sense. If your meeting is being held at a cool location, feature imagery that shows off the setting. To highlight an amazing keynote speaker, previous footage from the speaker provides a strong enticement to attend. For annual or other recurring meetings, choose video footage from previous gatherings. Just remember to keep it short and interesting!


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