Frozen drinks at the Flora-Bama Ole River Bar & Grill

What Beach Drink Are You?

Take this fun quiz to determine what beach drink best fits your personality.

You just had a long day at the office and your boss calls wanting to schedule a last-minute meeting that will run AFTER 5 PM. How do you handle this situation? 

A: You excitedly review all the notes you have been working on for your huge new idea you know will change the company forever! 

B: You quickly text your friends that you will be late for the dinner party you had been planning and casually stroll to the meeting. 

C: Eh, whatever. You just keep rolling with the flow and walk in a few minutes late because after all your boss told you at the last minute about this meeting! 

It’s time to plan the best work event of the year and YOU are in charge. What would your work event look like? 

A: This party is going to be EPIC! You spare no expense at finding the perfect DJ and add all the extra decorations and party toppers to every table. 

B: You quickly get on your phone and start looking for a party planner who can help you pull this off. Something cool and casual is what you have in mind. 

C: Eh, I guess I can plan it. You go to the nearest party supply store and buy some red solo cups, paper plates and order pizza for the team. Your party is going to be chill with a laid-back vibe. 

You just got a phone call from an especially important client with great news! What is the first thing you do? 

A: You run to your office door and announce your exciting news with the ENTIRE team! 

B: You quickly grab your phone and tweet the news to all your followers. 

C: You kick your feet up on your desk and give yourself a pat on the back.

Your co-worker just came to you to tell you about a huge opportunity that involves a promotion for you in the future, but you must present an idea to the entire management team.  How do you react? 

A: You grab your portfolio and quickly scan your notes to make sure you are ready to ROCK this interview. 

B: You grab your phone to scan the internet for new trending ideas on the topic you will be presenting. 

C: You say thanks, grab a water and walk to the conference room. You don’t need notes you… have this in the bag. 

Now let’s see what drink you are! Check out the results below!

If you answered mostly As to the questions above, congratulations, you are a BUSHWACKER! 

You have a winning personality and go above and beyond your call of duty, just like the bushwacker does in the drink world. With a milkshake taste,  this drink is often served with rich chocolate syrup, a “topper” of rum and a cherry on top! It’s no wonder this drink can be served as dessert! Many of the local restaurants in Gulf Shores and Orange Beach are known for their bushwacker recipes, the most famous being the Flora-Bama Oyster Bar.

If you answered B to most of the questions above, you are a PINA COLADA! 

You are smooth, cool and up with all the latest trends. The pina colada is classic yet gives off a summer-only vibe all year round. You can sip a pina colada at one of the many private pools at the resorts around Gulf Shores and Orange Beach

If you answered C to most of the questions above, you are a COLD BEER! 

You are chill, laid back and confident in most every situation. You know how to draw a crowd and get your co-workers to go with the flow at work. You would enjoy hanging out the many local watering holes in and around Gulf Shores and Orange Beach, including Big Beach Brewing Company

Cheers to you and your co-workers! We hope to welcome you with a cold drink in your hand during your next meeting along Alabama’s beaches! 


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