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Quiz: What Beach Season Are You?

Are you Summer Lovin’, Winter Wonderland or Fallin’ for Festivals? Take the quiz to find out!

Did you know the beach offers a fantastic WORKcation atmosphere all year long? It’s not just a summer destination! Take our fun quiz and find out what season suits you best. Summer Lovin’, Winter Wonderland or Fallin’ for Festivals? 

What Beach Season Are You?

  1. Do you LOVE a good crowd and a fast pace?
    A: No crowds for me, please! 
    B: Yes, I love to be in the center of it all!
    C: I could go either way, but I especially love to just relax and kick back!
  2. During a road trip . . . 
    A: I prefer to listen to quiet podcasts or nothing at all.
    B: I like the windows down and all kinds of music playing. TURN IT UP!
    C: I like to listen to my music at a regular volume and just cruise.
  3. What type of restaurant vibe do you prefer?
    A: A quiet evening of fine or casual dining for me.
    B: The bigger the better. I LOVE live music and happy people!
    C: I prefer to sit back and enjoy an evening of appetizers and drinks.
  4. What kind of shoes do you own?
    A: I like anything that keeps my feet warm. Cozy socks and boots are my go-to option. 
    B: I prefer any shoe that will keep my feet comfortable and moving.
    C: I own mostly flip flops. Slide them on and I’m ready to hit the road! 
  5. What kind of drink would you order for an evening out on the town?
    A: Hot buttered rum
    B: Bushwacker (chocolatey frozen cocktail)
    C: Cold draft beer

Guests at The Lodge in Gulf Shores, ALWhere my As at? 

If you answered mostly A to the above questions, your beach season is Winter Wonderland. You love to relax and enjoy the peace and quiet. You prefer to sit on the balcony sipping hot coffee and listening to the waves roll on the shore rather than being down in the hot sand with the summer crowds. Winter at the beach is the perfect season for you. With smaller crowds and fewer lines, this is a time you would enjoy. 

Shrimp Festival Gulf Shores, ALHello to all the Bs! 

If you answered mostly B to the above questions, your beach season is Fallin’ for Festivals! You love being in the center of activities, love live music and, of course, you love being at the beach. Spring through fall will be the best time for you to visit Gulf Shores and Orange Beach. With sizzling summer concerts and plenty of spring and fall festivals, you won’t have to search for ways to enjoy all things beach!

Woman relaxing on beach in Orange Beach, ALWe SEE you, Cs! 

If you answered mostly C to the above questions, your beach season is Summer Lovin’! You love to just relax and go with the flow. You tend to be laid back and could just as easily jump into a crowd as sit on the sidelines. It’s whatever for you! Your ideal time to visit the beach would be spring and early summer. The weather is just right, allowing you to kick back, listen to music and enjoy the sunshine.

Now that you know what season you are, it’s time to plan your meetings around what works for you! Our helpful staff will gladly help you determine what time is best for you and your crew to enjoy a workcation at the beach!

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